Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Worst Star Wars Figure Ever

Well, Lucasfilm sure botched this one. I mean, how much un-Star Wars can you get? First of all, the makers of the "Sweet Home Alabama" DVD reportedly did not get permission, nor consult in anyway, the makers of the Star Wars films. Secondly, the DVD is not made by Kenner, Hasbro, or any other licensed vendor of Star Wars figures. Thirdly, the DVD was produced in 2003, so it does not fall into the vintage line at all - big mistake.

How else is this the worst Star Wars figure ever? Five reasons:

1. Only 1 point of articulation! The hinge? WTF?

2. The only accessory is this round disc that is shiny on one side? Where was this in the original trilogy?

3. The back doesn't even show any other figures or vehicles - big let down.

4. The woman on the package - not Princess Leia. Maybe she was someone from a cut scene we've never seen.

5. Star Wars logo missing from package.

Overall, I'm going to have to say this is one of the worst Star Wars figures I've ever been witness to. Bravo, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, bravo. (Clap sarcastically)

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