Monday, January 23, 2012

Green card immediate re-issues from the POTF2 line

One of the things I found reprehensible from the POTF2 line, is that immediately after switching from the red cards to the green, we still got previous red-carded figures on new green cards. Whether this was because of a switch in what the design should be, or a quick cash-grab from collectors who would get every card variation, I can't truly say. The Kenner/Hasbro conglomeration does a much better job now of coming out with all sorts of figures, but back in these days it was immensely frustrating to be waiting for new figures only to find out you're getting another R2-D2 that is no different than the one you got last year. The only difference? A different card with a different profile picture. Ugh. We would get a never-before-made Tarkin figure, than a reissue of Chewbacca. Really? You didn't even make it to scale last time!

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