Saturday, December 15, 2007

ROTJ Collections Catalog (1984), p.7-12

Continuing on with our catalog "series," we see mini-rigs, vehicles, and a playset. Now, considering most of the action on Endor took place outside of the village, I question the playset. I mean, why not the bunker? The mini-ris are good, cheap vehicles. Basically, a quick and easy way to extend play value of the line without having to make another Imperial Shuttle - which was as big as yo mama. Now the page 7 accessories were actually featured in the films, the page 8 mini rigs, well, you can always say they existed in the Star Wars universe, just not on screen. The speeder bike and Jabba were a must, but I always thought the Rancor was a little limited in play value.

What's cool about these pages? Five things:

1. The nice set-up picture for the Rancor, and props to making the most gruesome monster from the movies into a figure (minus the Sarlacc).

2. Good or bad, the Ewoks assert themselves here in a big way: 2 vehilce and a playset. How do they rate?

3. The speeder bike - finally kids can pretend to fly something ridiculously fast until they break every lamp in the house.

4. The Ewok playset actually glorifies roasting chracters over a campfire.

5. Return of the Jedi made the Scout Walker cool - unless you were an Imperial. Then you were just Ewok fodder.

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