Friday, April 18, 2008

Imperial Attack Base (ESB)

All your base are belong to us! The Imperial Attack Base is a nice little playset. You’ve got a bunker that can “blow up” real good, an ice bridge that can topple, pegs and moving bases for figures, and what looks like a Gatling-gun type blaster/laser rifle. It only came in an ESB box. The only thing is, this “Imperial” base is modeled after the Rebel Echo base and Hoth trench. The Imperials just stormed the place, they never set up a base. Oh, well – you were a kid, who cares?

Why should you own this frigid base? Five reasons:

1. Doubles as Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Okay, Clark’s, you Smallville fanatic.

2. Gun is a nice alternative to the Tri-Pod Laser.

3. Nothing like teaching kids trench warfare.

4. Practice your Rebel soldiers’ waving to overhead Snowspeeders. Wait, look out for that AT-AT…ah, too late.

5. Shows dirt like no other Star Wars playset. Go ahead, try playing outside with it.


While there was no Imperial Base on Hoth, this was slightly modeled after the trench that the Rebels had set up. Kind of makes you wonder why the Empire just didn’t deploy Imperial Hover Plows to take care of it.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that it's called the 'Attack Base' when they are obviously in a defensive mode. Maybe the entire chunk of ice could float and fly around?

Ben said...

Once global warming hit it did float and fly around. Wampas were then listed as endangered, and at the same time the Bush administration wanted to drill for oil on Hoth. So far their efforts have been halted by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Tauntauns (PETTt).

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I believe it some part in the EU they used Hoth as a base in the Outer Rim, so this might be a rendition to that, but am not quite sure about that. I kind of forgot most of the EU stories from the Rebellion time.

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