Thursday, June 30, 2011

Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) (SW 1978-79)

R2-D2, part of the original 12. This is one of those figures that my opinion of changed over time. I liken it to Garfield comic strips. When I was a kid, they were hilarious. As I got older though, I realized just how unfunny it was. I cannot figure out if my sense of humor became more refined, or that Garfield kept repeating the same jokes over and over (okay, you like lasagna and hate Mondays - can we move onto something else!). My point being, when I was a kid I liked this figure, when I got older however...

Yes, R2-D2 is a core character, and yes, I realize that the detail on his body could really only be accurately done with a decal. But still, when I got older, I realized this character kind of, well, sucked. First of all, where is the third leg? The only way to get an R2 with a third leg in the original line was to buy the Droid Factory Playset. He used that third leg most of the time in the movies! Second, the head detail only vaguely resembles his real head - and they never changed it. Not when they made Sensorscope R2 and not when they made Lightsaber-popping R2. Can you even put the R2 figure in an X-Wing? No! That feature is already built in. You had to wait until the Y-Wing was produced during ROTJ before you could put an astromech droid in a vehicle.

Okay, after all that, why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. It's R2, despite all his flaws, he's a core character. Who's going to shut down the trash compactor on your Death Star playset?

2. You can let Jawas shoot his ass.

3. That shiny, shiny head. I like shiny objects. Tin Man's my favorite.

4. His head clicks when turned, kind of like that barn door on your Fisher-Price farm set that "mooed."

5. R2 figure vs. Yoda figure in a no-holds-barred knockdown fight over Luke's X-Wing kit lantern! Who will win: the swiss-army droid or the 900-year-old Jedi Master? You decide!


R2, like most astromech-class (so-called because they could plug into many starships and aid with navigation and other duties) was built by Industrial Automaton maybe around 33 years before the first movie (age debated). At the time of "The Phantom Menace" he was owned by the Royal Engineers of Naboo, and the rest is history. He saved the Queen, ended up with Anakin, then Bail Organa, a bunch of owners (in the cartoon series Droids), then back to Bail, then to Luke and so on. In the novels after the movies, R2 eventually reveals details and footage of Anakin and Padme to Luke and Leia, since he never underwent a memory wipe like C-3PO did. In stories about Luke's descendants, R2 was still in use at least 137 years after the first movie's events.

Want the full story? His Wookieepedia article

8th in alphabetical order

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anakin Skywalker (POTF 1985)

This figure, like many before it, was first available from Kenner only as a mail-away. In the POTF line, however, it was put on a card with a coin. Anakin did not come with any accessories, because, well, it is a figure of a ghost. It really wouldn’t make sense to give him any accessories. This figure is one of only 15 figures that were only released on the POTF cards.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. The only ghost you get to own from the vintage line.

2. Re-create his action-packed smiling! The slight nod to Luke!

3. Change the scene a little: Luke: “Oh, so you guys can appear here too? Well, thanks for all the help everywhere else you bastards!”

4. Another thing you can put in the Ewok Village – besides Ewoks!

5. Those stylish robes!


It is interesting - since the last change in the “Special Editions,” Hayden Christensen has replaced the previous actor as the ghostly Anakin. This change essentially means that this figure never existed. However, soon before this final Special Edition, a figure 3-pack of the Force ghosts, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda were put out in the 1990’s line.

Full story? His Wookieepedia article

7th in alphabetical order

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amanaman (POTF 1985)

Why should you get this figure? I'll give you SEVEN reasons this time:

1. It is the one of the most "alien" of the Star Wars aliens. That cowl, those extended arms, the stubby legs. This isn't just some actor with make up, this is a whole different being.

2. Any character that has little to no speaking part and that you have to point out where it is in the film to other people is automatically considered cool.

3. It comes close to being first in alphabetical order (yeah, I know, Admiral Ackbar beats its out).

4. The staff with the three heads (possibly shrunken) and the severed hand. Three freakin' severed heads and a hand! If your mom actually looked closely at the package, would she have bought this for you? No freakin' way! Who cares it doesn't have a blaster or a lightsaber - freakin' severed heads, man!

5. It only has two different variations - the U.S. card and the overseas "tri-logo" card.

6. Despite barely on screen, he has his own coin, damnit!

7. For all these reasons it has been one of my personal favorites.


Amanaman had very little screen time, appearing in Jabba's throne room in Return of the Jedi. It's species is Amanin, a primitive culture from the planet Maridun. While they have the aforementioned stubby legs, they are able to curl up in a ball and roll at quite fast speeds. Their skin secretes a poison which deters predators and acts as a natural moisturizer. Their native habitat is typically rain forest, preferring to live in trees (not unlike Wookiees). It is unclear exactly what motives Amanaman had (he may have been a bounty hunter), or who his head decorations were when they were alive, but it is fairly certain that Amanaman died when Jabba's sand barge exploded.

Note: "Amanaman" is often the nickname for the Amanin species.

Full story? His Wookieepedia article

6th in alphabetical order

Monday, June 27, 2011

Admiral Ackbar (ROTJ 1983-84)

It's a trap!

I thought shellfish only got that red after you cooked them. Anyhoo, Admiral Ackbar was the first alien Rebellion member of any significance. Sure, we found out later when they fleshed out more backstories that some more aliens we saw were part of the Rebellion, but Ackbar was the first to be a leader.

Ackbar came with a omigod, omigod, omigod : a command stick! In the later 199o's+ releases he came with a gun, but he was never shown using any weapon (or command stick for that matter) in Return of the Jedi. He only came on an ROTJ card, but he did have one variation - his vest was originally more grey and later became a cream color.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Those huge plate-sized eyes! Can't you just get lost in them?

2. That Captain Stubing-like white suit. Classic.

3. Three words: command-freakin'-stick! Where else are you going to get one?

4. Take inspiration from the figure as you practice your Ackbar impression: "It's a trap!"

5. Mmmmmmm, Mon Calamari rings.


Ackbar was born on his homeworld of Mon Calamari (yes, the reference to seafood here is not lost on any of us) about 44 years before the destruction of the first Death Star. He became a leader among his people, and with the rise of the Empire organized resistance against it. He was captured and was going to be given as a gift to Governor Tarkin, but was rescued by Rebel forces. When he returned to Mon Calamari, he was made Admiral of their space forces, and successfully repelled the Empire.

He quickly rose in ranks in the Rebellion and became Admiral of their fleet, and was instrumental in developing the B-wing fighter. He was a major player in the battle of the second Death Star, helping to defeat the Imperial forces there. After the fall of the Empire he became Supreme Commander of the New Republic Defense Force, the highest rank.

Ackbar led the way to final defeat of the lingering Empire, and numerous other battles fought during his career. He passed away of old age at 74 years old. He did not have children of his own, but two of his nieces did become Jedi.

Want the full story? His Wookieepedia article

5th in alphabetical order

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Action Figure Collector Cases (SW, ESB, ROTJ)

The first in this line of rectangular figure cases was actually labeled on the front "Mini-Action Figure Collector's Case," but collectively these are known as Action Figure Collector Cases. The structure of the case stayed the same, but the artwork changed for every movie, sometimes twice. Since all the places to put the figures were pretty standardized, there were always those who wouldn't fit (curse you Rancor Keeper and Gamorrean Guard!) or those you could fit two to a section (R2 and a Jawa for example).

4th in alphabetical order

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A-Wing Pilot (Droids 1985)

Yes, you guessed it – this is the exact same figure with the exact same gun with the exact same coin (except tinted gold this time) as the POTF line, just on a different card. Those Kenner bastards! Next, you’ll be telling me they re-used molds on playsets…oh, wait. They did. This figure came with the same blaster pistol as the B-Wing pilot (did they have them in the locker room?) and the AT-ST Driver.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. The second coolest of the Droids figures – mainly because it was already produced in the original line and didn’t look so…cartoonish.

2. Gave you hope that your parents would get the vehicle to go with it.

3. A lush, verdant green to accentuate your love for the planet.

4. Practice you’re a-Wing pilot yell right before your crash into the Super Star Destroyer.

5. To every vehicle its pilot.


A-Wing pilots had to be very skilled due to the vehicle’s high speed, feather-touch maneuverability, and weapons systems without the aid of an astromech droid. Because of the initial hand-built nature of the A-Wings, many pilots even added personal touches such as wooden interiors. Some pilots (or their mechanics) also modified the guns to swivel 360 degrees, increasing their surprise against trailing enemy fighters. One of the more prominent A-Wing pilots was Tycho Celchu, an Alderaanian and member of Rogue Squadron.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

3rd in alphabetical order

Friday, June 24, 2011

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Theater Edition [POTF2] - forgot one

With the release of the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi in theaters, March 7, 1997, came a figure giveaway, yes, giveaway: this Special Edition of Jedi Knight Luke. Essentially the same as the red-carded figure but in a different package, it is an exclusive nonetheless. It was given out by theaters during screenings, and is rarer because it was never offered in stores (note "not for retail sale" on the back of the card).

True story: I knew this was coming out (but was in grad school at the time) so I asked my father if he could stop by and get one (he had the day off). He bought 3, kept the figures and gave the tickets to the next 3 surprised people in line. Ticket prices were about the same as the action figures back then, so it must have been a wash.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Exclusive - rub it in your friends' noses.

2. When you will get that profile pic again? Luke at his most badass.

3. Cloak for those cold figure days.

4. Matching card and lightsaber.

5. The only figure card where you get a portion of the classic movie poster on it.


Luke was a lowly boy doing outerspace porn, oh, c'mon, you know who Luke is! Here's his full Wookieepedia entry.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A-Wing Pilot (POTF 1985)

The A-Wing pilot came in a stylish dark green jumpsuit, with non-removable (like most figure in the vintage line) helmet. He came with a blaster pistol that was common to many of the other “pilots” and “drivers” in the POTF and ROTJ releases. Pictures of an actual pilot in the movie are pretty hard to come by, since they are really only seen in the cockpit. This might explain why the card shows a picture of the ship and not the pilot. This, however, is fairly common in the Kenner pilot and driver figures.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Cooler than the Droids release based on the cardback alone.

2. There weren’t too many POTF-only releases, so why not get them all?

3. For the love of the green.

4. Practice your hellish screaming as you ram your A-Wing into the control tower of a super star destroyer.

5. Holds out hope that you’ll actually get an A-Wing.


A-Wing pilots had to be very skilled due to the vehicle’s high speed, feather-touch maneuverability, and weapons systems without the aid of an astromech droid. Because of the initial hand-built nature of the A-Wings, many pilots even added personal touches such as wooden interiors. Some pilots (or their mechanics) also modified the guns to swivel 360 degrees, increasing their surprise against trailing enemy fighters. One of the more prominent A-Wing pilots was Tycho Celchu, an Alderaanian and member of Rogue Squadron.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

2nd in alphabetical order

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A-Wing Fighter Vehicle (Droids 1985)

The A-Wing – sleek and fast looking. Streamlined. The best vehicle from the Droids line…mainly because it was in Return of the Jedi. And it was never produced until now. Hey, but now we have it!

The A-Wing only comes in a Droids box, and when you produce a very popular toy in a waning line, it instantly becomes rare and valuable. I hope you got this one while you could. It featured a cockpit for one figure, retractable landing gear, swiveling side-mounted laser cannons, and electronic sound. The color scheme was also painted on and not decals like an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Overall, a pretty cool ship – just very hard to get a hold of.

Why should you get this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. This was the fastest ship in the fleet – not the Millennium Falcon.

2. Look at this thing – it just sweats cool.

3. You got the A-Wing pilot – now get the real deal.

4. Your only real reason to get something from the Droids line.

5. The coolest ship to play with – and probably easiest to hold.


The RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor was a fast ship – engines with a cockpit. It was a descendant of the Jedi starfighters seen in the prequel movies. However, not having an astromech port made the fighter hard to control at high speeds (unless you’re a Jedi) and control the weapons which could often fire 360 degrees. It also had 2 concussion missile launchers, which held 6 each. They were originally developed by the Alliance and made through Allaicne Underground Engineering, so each was more handbuilt, resulting in a higher maintenance schedule. However, enough of them were made by the Battle of Endor to make a difference and turn the tide of that battle. Later models were made by Incom Corporation.

Early designs of the A-Wing had blue stripes, but these were changed to red for blue screen filming. Also, while the fighter had an “A” shape, the original A-Wing fighter name may have come from the production staff calling the two new ships “ship A” and “ship B” (the B-Wing fighter).

Want the full story? Its Wookieepedia article.

1st in alphabetical order

Starting vintage line...

...because I have run out of what I have for POTF2 figures. Yes, I know I didn't get to them all, but what I posted is what I actually had. When I get to the end of the vintage line I will have more in the POTF2 line, eventually covering all of it (and there was A LOT).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green card immediate re-issues from the POTF2 line

One of the things I found reprehensible from the POTF2 line, is that immediately after switching from the red cards to the green, we still got previous red-carded figures on new green cards. Whether this was because of a switch in what the design should be, or a quick cash-grab from collectors who would get every card variation, I can't truly say. The Kenner/Hasbro conglomeration does a much better job now of coming out with all sorts of figures, but back in these days it was immensely frustrating to be waiting for new figures only to find out you're getting another R2-D2 that is no different than the one you got last year. The only difference? A different card with a different profile picture. Ugh. We would get a never-before-made Tarkin figure, than a reissue of Chewbacca. Really? You didn't even make it to scale last time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) [POTF2]


With. Battle. Staff. What are we, Master of the Universe now? When every Star Wars figure seems to have a clearly defined weapon, and one you can look up, Kenner gives Yak Face a "battle staff." No, Wookieepedia has no entry for a battle staff (unless you count a specific one for the Wookiee Merumeru). No, apparently we get a generic battle staff granted by the powers of Castle Grayskull. Whatever.

Saelt-Marae is much more detailed than his vintage figure, that only a handful of Americans ever got to see. Yak Face was the last of the original Power of the Force line, and was only released in Europe, so it was long-sought after by many here in the states.

Five reasons to own this figure:

1. If you had some mistaken notion that getting this was like getting that rare vintage Yak Face. It's not.

2. Get the only "battle staff" in the Star Wars universe. Is it magic? Is it made-up? Who knows?

3. Give him some respect - for years no name, only known as Yak Face. How degrading.

4. His facial hair remind you of your douchebag friend in high school.

5. Official Jabba's palace drunkard.


Yak Face's was named Saelt-Marae sometime after ROTJ, a Yarkora and long-lived at that. He spent 200 years alone just wooing his mate. He was a con man and often an informant for both sides of the Galactic Civil War. He was an informant for Jabba and managed to escape the Sand Barge (and steal a few secrets) before it blew up.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Leia Organa as Jabba's Prisoner

Yes, this is the one. The one every fan in geekdom had been waiting for. The one you always wondered from your childhood why they didn't make a figure of. THE one.

Leia as Jabba's Prisoner - more commonly referred to as Leia in the Gold Bikini - comes with a collar and a chain accessory. Yes, a collar and a chain. Someone opposed to women's rights is having a good laugh.

Five reasons to own this figure:

1. Leia in a bikini. Really? You need to read past this?

2. The ultimate S&M SW figure.

3. The clothes are...damn! Not removable.

4. Finally, your vintage Jabba's Throne room playset is complete!

5. I may have mentioned this but LEIA IN A BIKINI!


Well, Leia was captured trying to free Han from Jabba, and dressed in this delightfully skimpy ensemble. To Carrie Fisher, it was not at all comfortable, but imbibing cocaine probably helped.

Want more? Leia's Wookieepedia article.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nien Nunb [POTF2]


When we see Nien in ROTJ, he's doing co-pilot duties on the Falcon. Why would he need two guns, one of which is as large as him? Well, probably because he's not a very exciting figure. But, he's got Han's blaster and some freakishly large gun for him.

Detail on this figure is decent, and a little above the vintage version.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. So you can always remember that moment when you realized Lando somehow understands this guy's language.

2. In case you lose the blaster that came with your Han Solo.

3. For an authentic addition to your Millennium Falcon. To make his time on it more authentic rip the radar dish off.

4. So red- makes a nice little fire department mascot.

5. Blends in with all those little mouse figures your mom has on display.


Nien worked for the SoruSuub corporation until they joined with the Empire, then he began stealing and smuggling from them. He eventually hooked up with Lando, who later brought him into the Rebellion riding shotgun in the Falcon while making the run on the second Death Star. His home planet is Sullust, and he has one sister named Aril. Lando later had him running spice operations on Kessel.

In ROTJ, he was actually a puppet, and not a small person in a costume. That's why he was so articulated. He was voiced by a student from Kenya who just used his native language of Haya.

His full Wookieepedia entry

Friday, June 17, 2011

Malakili (Rancor Keeper)


This is the Star Wars universe! What are people still doing with axes and pikes and...wait a minute. A "vibro blade" you say? That makes it all better! Of course you make sense now. However, if you look at his extended story, he was given a Gaderffii stick by Sandpeople.

With the latest release, the Rancor Keeper gets a name (from Sebastian, and the land of Fantasia is saved!). Malakili comes out just in time to be a companion figure to the actual Rancor release:

But wait a second - wouldn't it have been easier to sell Malakili with the Rancor, instead of yet a another version of Luke? Oh, this Luke has a bone? Why didn't you say so? That is soooo different.

Five reasons you should buy this figure:

1. Who else is going to cry over a dead Rancor?

2. Who else will tame the mighty Rancor (off screen)?

3. Seriously, in the original movies, this is the only person that cries? The entire trilogy?

4. The carny of the SW universe.

5. Mascot to all beer-gut endowed SW fans out there.


Malakili (his real name), a human from Corellia, was sold to Jabba by the show Circus Horrificus. When the rancor came into Jabba’s possession, Malakili trained it and became quite attached. When Jabba planned to pit the rancor against a krayt dragon (a huge Tatooine beast), Malakili began plotting against him. However, Luke killed the rancor, and Malakili left to found the Crystal Moon Restaurant with his friend and fellow detainee Porcellus. Apparently he was given a Gaderffii stick after helping kill a giant womp rat for some Sand People.

Want the full story? His Wookieepedia article

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Luke Skywalker in Ceremonial Outfit [POTF2]


You'll notice on the blister of this pack the "ALL NEW LIKENESS OF LUKE." This shows a turning point in Kenner's new Star Wars figures - a push towards realism. The first wave of POTF2 figs featured muscular He-Man like figures, but the resculpting of Luke got us on the way to figures that actually looked like the characters they were representing.

We never had this version of Luke in the vintage line, and I always love it when they come out with figures that have never been done before. However, they must have melted down a lightsaber to make the removable medal, because this is one of the only Luke figures not to have a lightsaber. It is a nice figure, even though he only wore this for about a minute in the end of the first movie.

Five reasons to own this figure:

1. Finally, recreate his harrowing scenes in the animated portions of the Star Wars Christmas Special (the only part that was palatable).

2. Han's got his Bespin outfit, now Luke has his ceremonial outfit - great with the ladies. "Oh, did you blow up a Death Star?"

3. Transfer the medal to other figures, like Luke wears it around ALL the time. Can you picture him in ROTJ, wearing it in the forest, all the other rebels rolling their eyes?

4. Only chance to score some SW action figure bling (if you don't count Slave Leia's chain).

5. All new likeness! The word "new" is in there!


Born in Revenge of the Sith, raised by his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru on blue milk, joined the Rebel Alliance, overthrew the Empire, killed his dad, and became a Jedi Knight. In the novels, after the movies, he eventually marries a fellow Jedi named Mara Jade (somehow without using the ceremonial jacket) and they had a son named Ben. He had many adventures which are too numerous to go into here, but he does wear this outfit exclusively in the Star Wars Christmas Special animated portion.

Want more? His full Wookieepedia article

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear [POTF2]


Now we have Luke in Hoth gear and he has it all - a lightsaber and a blaster. He also has a loose-hanging scarf. Later in the POTF2 line they release a Hoth Luke and Wampa two-pack. Luke is in the window hanging upside down, and the scarf is hinged - yes, hinged - so it can hang up as well as down. The figure itself has a little different shading and some injuries on Luke's face. Yes! Get minor variations of one figure in the same line! Genius!

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Buy this and the Wampa variation, set up before after pics.

2. Can't ride a Tauntaun without this figure. Oh, wait, you can! Because they release not only a Tauntaun and Luke 2-pack, but a Han and Tauntaun as well! The difference? On of the Tauntauns has a broken horn and both figures have bendable knees.

3. Set up that fluffy white diorama you've been yearning for.

4. Those goggles, that scarf - this boy's got flair!

5. Well, it's hard for me to say this but, save your money and buy the Wamap or Tauntaun pack with Hoth Luke - you'll be a fiscal Star Wars fan.


I’ll refer to the Wookieepedia article for the whole backstory. However, I will say that Luke gets put into a bacta tank for his recovery after the wampa attack. The tank was actually made into a playset in the later line (but not the vintage).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard [POTF2]


Will wonders never cease - another force pike. You can read up on them here. Lando comes in all his stylish goodness, with removable helmet and the aforementioned skiff guard force pike. Apparently skiff guards get their own style of force pike - who knew?

The figure is an improvement on the vintage in terms of detail, but the accessories included are pretty much the same.

Five reasons to buy this figure:

1. Slowly lower the face shield to passerbys - oh yeaaaah.

2. Lando - so smooth, even when sporting tusks.

3. Force pike has an axe - perfect for later in the movie when Endor needs to be deforested.

4. Lando is into some big-time S&M. Kinky.

5. Need for your big Jabba diorama. Especially that scene where Luke falls to the Rancor, and Lando does...nothing.


Obviously Lando is in disguise and helping free Han here, but his full story can be found here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

EV-9D9 [POTF2]

...with DATAPAD.

I used to be excited about the vintage version of this figure, but this one has left me a bit listless. While it may be an improvement over the old figure with coloring and detail, and it includes a datapad this time around, where's the lever? I want my lever! In the old figure there was a lever in the back of the head to move her mouth up and down (yes, check the literature, EV is a "she"). See my post on the vintage figure here. I miss that lever, and no amount of datapads is going to make up for it. Argh. Who makes a droid with such a big moving mouth? Who? Who!?

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Nostalgia for the moving mouth. Sigh.

2. Datapad! Can't tell your droids from your bounty hunters with out a datapad!

3. That third eye. Oh yes, look closely, it's there, beckoning you to look - but you must not!

4. Fans of scarabs, this is as close as you're going to get with a SW figure.

5. Closely matches the hue of the Colonial flight suits on the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. Another sigh.


EV-9D9 actually worked in Cloud City during Lando's management. However, her sadomasochistic tendencies got the better of her and she systematically tortured many of the droids in Bespin. After her controller found out, she fled the system, but not before partially sabotaging the City as a distraction. She found her way to Jabba's palace and quickly climbed the ranks. She secretly built a room for her tortuous experiments and built droids that felt pain out of spare parts, even giving pain receptors to droids that didn't have them, for her own sick pleasure.

After finding out that Lando had infiltrated the palace, EV-9D9 thought that he and his droids (R2 an C-3PO) were there for her, although they were there for Han. Before she could implement any recourse, she was tracked down by one of the tortured droids from Bespin, which let loose her own creations on her.

Want more? The Wookieepedia article

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Emperor's Royal Guard [POTF2]

...with FORCE PIKE.

"Ah, sir?"
"Yes, what is it guard?"
"You are the Emperor, and I want to do my best to protect you, but..."
"Yes, guard, spit it out!"
"Well, couldn't we have guns?"
"Absolutely not, royal guard! Guns are reserved for Death Star Gunners, who get a blaster and an assault rifle!"
"Why would they need any guns - they are manning cannons..."
"Do not question your Emperor!"

So, despite the fact that the highest guards for the Emperor have pikes and no guns (this is explained a bit in the Crimson Empire series from Dark Horse comics), the Guard looks kind of cool. All red, contrasting with the pervasive black in muck of the Imperial forces, and a kind of cloak of secrecy.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Peel back the layers to see what's underneath...OH MY GO-

2. Where else are you going to find a force pike?

3. Red is all the rage this season, according to my sources.

4. Cool Cylon-like helmet.

5. His right hand points! It points! You know what this means? Me either.


They were first formed as the Red Guard for the Republic Senate after Palpatine claimed rumors of corruption in the Senate. They later became the Emperor’s personal guard. They were handpicked from among the best stormtroopers, and underwent rigorous and grueling training. To keep in fighting form, some were always rotated out on combat missions, so some survived the destruction of the second Death Star. These remaining Guards were chronicled in the graphic novel series Crimson Empire, where they fought for supremacy. They also came back together to protect the clone Emperor in Dark Empire, but one of their own had sabotaged the Emperor’s clones so he would not live long.

Want more? Full article at Wookieepedia. Article just on force pikes.