Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set (ESB)

The Hoth Ice Planet Adventure set! Again, this set uses the same base as the Land of the Jawas set, but a background of a stationary AT-AT – with the same elevator as the Jawas set! It only came in an ESB box, but it included the Radar Laser Cannon (also available as a separate mini-rig). Otherwise, there was nothing exceptional about this set – it didn’t even come with any figures. The background with the “AT-AT” also showed scenes of the Battle of Hoth.

Why should you get this set? Five reasons:

1. Your last chance to get this base…um…your second chance to get this plastic base.

2. You can swap bases with the Rebel Command Center. You know, in case you lose one.

3. “Mom, can I get an AT-AT?” “No Jimmy, but I will get you the Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set.”

4. The only time – ever – it will be suggested – even remotely – that AT-ATs have elevators.

5. Beats getting just the radar Laser Cannon.


Since I just covered Echo Base with the last set, I’ll do Hoth. Hoth (the planet) is located on the fringe of the Ivax Nebula; the sixth star circling the blue-white Hoth star. The solar system had a large asteroid field, so meteorites are a common occurrence on the planet. The planet was covered mainly in ice, with fissures of occasional water being opened by tidal pulls from neighboring moons. Animal life consisted of tautauns, wampas, and various smaller creatures, many of which fed on what little vegetation (such as lichen) existed.

The planet was most likely named after the Jedi Hoth, who lived long ago and helped defeat the old Sith. The only livable portion (for most species, including humans dressed warmly enough) is in the temperate band near the equator. When the Rebel Alliance established their base there, it had already been used by smugglers and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

Want more about the planet? The Wookieepedia article.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Han Solo (in Trench Coat) (ROTJ 1983-84)

So they get to Endor and Luke and Leia get ponchos (yeah, Luke, just try to pick up chicks in that thing) and Han gets a trench coat and doesn’t have to wear a helmet! Luke, who is a Jedi Knight at this point mind you, wears a helmet. Han – he’s too cool for that. Leia, well, she’s a girl.

Han comes with a slightly modified head this time, his standard blaster pistol, and, well, a trench coat. The coat comes in two versions, one with a plain collar and one camouflaged like the rest of the coat. Underneath Han is wearing a similar outfit (but not the same!) to what he wore in the first movie. Dude, get a change of clothes. The figure came on ROTJ and POTF cards.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Hey, it’s Han.

2. Trench coat! I haven’t been this excited since the Barbie with the sun hat came out!

3. Blends into any planter.

4. Goes great on the Ewok Village BBQ spit.

5. Too cool for you. Sorry, now you can’t have him.


Han’s just trying to blend in. For his full backstory, see the Wookieepedia article.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Han Solo (in Carbonite Chamber) (POTF 1985)

While a Han in Carbonite was a good idea, technology in molding needed a few years of catch up to make this a good figure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that we got a Han-in-Carbonite figure, but there are a couple of drawbacks. One – that “bull neck” (as it is often referred to). This was primarily due to limitations on what could be molded, giving the figure a goofy look. Two – the frozen Han in the movies had his hands out in front of him, almost clawing/pushing out of the Carbonite. This Han has his arms down like he was posing for a picture when he has frozen. Granted, the figure was limited so they had to make the Carbonite mold fit it, but it is obviously not the same as the movie. Oh, well.

A previous “Han in Carbonite” came with the Slave I ship, but this figure is more to scale. It has a Han figure in his off-white shirt and the chamber which he can fit into in the back. Other than that, no accessories. This figure came on a POTF card near the end of the Kenner run.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Goes with your Cloud City Playset.

2. Goes with your Slave I. Oh wait, it won’t fit, dammit.

3. Only time you’ll see Han with a double-chin.

4. The perfect figure to accompany an ice tray.

5. Another good accessory for your Jabba Throne room set.


Carbonite is a metal alloy made from carbon and primarily used to store and transport Tibanna gas (like from Cloud City). While freezing a human was never the original intention of the process, with some modifications it was successfully used in freezing Han Solo (and others in time) and putting him in suspended animation.

Want more? Wikipedia article on Carbonite. On Han Solo.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) (ESB 1980-82)

The Empire Strikes Back brought a lot of costume changes - and thus a lot of new figures - for our core characters. From ESB alone we get Han in Bespin and Hoth clothes, and frozen in carbonite. Han in Hoth gear, or, as the card officially says, Han (Hoth Outfit), comes with the same blaster Han came with from the first movie, and has the parka up. Granted, this is how he wears it throughout most of his scenes, but later figures in the 90's series also has him parka-down. The parka is also navy-blue, but later versions in the 90's corrected it to a browner hue more accurate to the movie.

Hoth Han came on ESB and ROTJ cards with no obvious variations. the neat thing with this figure though is that you could actually holster the blaster, unlike the original Han.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. You can holster the gun, you know, for when you're doing other things like, uh, combing the flakes out of Chewie's fur?

2. This figure is involved in two cool scenes: cutting a tauntaun open, and having a firefight with a probe droid.

3. In honor of all Minnesotans, I feel a deep connection to a warmly-dressed character.

4. Only Han in Hoth gear would have the guts to stuff his friend into, well, tauntaun guts.

5. Han was at his coolest when he yelled, "Then I'll see you in hell!" In fact, this was probably why it made this such a good movie - Han was loyal to his friends and didn't take crap for it.


Well, for Han's backstory look at my other Han posts. For this particular outfit, I can say whattyawant? It's simply cold weather gear. The biggest mystery here is: is it Han's outfit, or did the Rebellion provide it? The world may never know.

Want the full story? The Wookieepedia article

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) (ESB 1980-82)

Han, in his most stylish Bespin outfit, came out on an ESB and an ROTJ card, and included a laser pistol - but not the same one he had in Star Wars. It was the same one a lot of the Bespin people came with, so there must have been a deal at Costco.

Now, while this is Han in "Bespin" outfit, apparently it wears well because he started on Hoth with it. However, he already has a Hoth outfit, so this is designated "Bespin." If you have ever been to a really geeky wedding, however, this Han might be adoring the cake. Essentially, this Han is the closest the original line came to Han in any kind of formal attire. Put him and a Leia in white dress on there and you're set.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Who's going to shoot Vader in the hand during your painfully-recreated (complete with blue milk) Bespin dinner scene? C-3PO? I don't think so.

2. Your little sister needs this figure to recreate the kiss with Leia on the Falcon. Ew, gross, girls!

3. The aforementioned use-Han-on-a-wedding-cake.

4. The first time Han is a little more faithfully recreated than the original - no big head/small head versions.

5. This is the figure to hunt those f&*king mynocks chewin' on the power cables!


Han was a youth growing up on Corellia and eventually joined the Imperial forces. After rescuing Chewbacca he left the Empire and went into gambling and smuggling. The rest, as they say, is history. Of course, after the movies he and Leia married, had 3 Jedi, and had many more adventures.

Want more? The Wookieepedia article

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Han Solo (SW 1978-79)

The original Han Solo is a curious beast because it is one of the few times that Kenner went back and did a major mold change, namely with his head. If you hear the terms "big-head Han" and "small-Han Han" bandied about, this is why. You can see the above pictures for an example. The small-head was first, and then the big one came with the switch to an ESB card. Some small-heads exist on ESB cards because retailers often sent figures back to the manufacturer to get repackaged when new movie cards came out. Han came out on SW, ESB, and ROTJ cards.

Han is one of the original twelve-back figures, with the paintings instead of photos of the figures. I have mentioned in previous posting with the original twelve about this, and how badly the TIE fighter looks here. Han also came with his signature blaster.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Get a big-head and a small-head. Have a fight over which one is the defective clone.

2. There's only one figure you want behind the control of the Falcon, and it isn't that scoundrel Lando!

3. That vest, the open-necked collar. What's not to like, ladies?

4. Get him in a cantina scene with Greedo. Shoot first.

5. It's Han - the coolest guy who doesn't use the Force. Kind of like MacGyver and his feeling about guns.


Han was a rebellious youth on Corellia, and a talented swoop bike racer. Eventually he joined the Imperial forces, where he began to question their values. Eventually he saved and befriended a Wookiee name Chewbacca, and they became pilot and copilot smugglers. He hooked up with the Rebellion, a princess, and settled down (kind of) and had three kids, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin. Many, many years later he is still crossing the galaxy with his wife, but Chewbacca died in the war with the Yuuzhan Vong about 25 years after the event in Star Wars.

Want the full story? The Wookieepedia article

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hammerhead (SW 1978-79)

Yet another to complete your cantina diorama, Hammerhead was an interesting figure. It was the only one who had to be turned sideways (well, just his head) to fit into his package. Although this was another character that was in the original movie for all of 5 seconds, it was still one of the more interesting aliens. Like many of the alien figures in the original Kenner line, his clothes weren't quite right, but his head and feet were nicely done. The blaster was fairly generic (the same one that came with the Stormtroopers), but, you know, Kenner had to include something. hammerhead came on SW, ESB, and ROTJ cards.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Hammerhead - that name is enough there. Any character named after a shark has an instant cool factor.

2. That head. Wow. What other figure has such an interesting and off-center head?

3. As mentioned before, he is a cantina alien, and it thus can't be completed without him. Of course, the original line didn't include a band member, totally ruining the experience.

4. The card picture with that giant twisty head? Oh yeah, that's worth the price of admission right there.

5. The Boba Fett offer on the back is great. Later, all instances of the "shooting" backpack were covered up with a black sticker, since the shooting feature was deemed a safety hazard.


The "hammerhead" from the movie was named Momaw Nadon, an Ithorian. The Ithorians are a peace-loving naturalist race. This backstory was made all the more funny since this original figure came with a blaster. When the figure was reissued in the 1990's line, it came with a huge double blaster. Get your stories straight people! Momaw and his race worked with the Rebellion against the Empire. Ithorians also live in giant floating cities above their planet so as not to disturb the ecosystem.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Greedo (SW 1978-79)

If it's seventies retro-chic and a blaster in its hand, then it must be Greedo. Ah, much maligned "G," as his friends call him. It's fairly obvious that Han shot you first, not like Star Wars: the Special Edition showed. You shooting first and missing? I don't think so. You guys were sitting right across the table from each other! A blind Turkalian Grag Beast of Goopos IV couldn't have missed that shot. Heck, even on the set of the upcoming Indiana Jones IV movie George Lucas was seen wearing a "Han Shot First" t-shirt.

Greedo came out during the entire run of the figures, first on a Star Wars card, then ESB, and ROTJ. Taking a look at his outfit screams 70's today, or someone from the Scissors Sisters. Apparently someone from Kenner must have gotten the outfit of another cantina alien mixed up and put it on Greedo, instead of the jacket with yellow stripes and vest that he had in the film. Why they never changed the figure in all its years of production we'll never know. At least the head is pretty good.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Proceeds from every sale go to the "Han Shot First" restoration project.

2. You will never get a chance to own another figure that screams "Yes, I am wearing a tacky green jumpsuit, but I'm okay with it."

3. Cantina scene - classic. You need to get every figure you can from it and play that funky music.

4. How else are you going to act out the scene between Han and Greedo for your drama class without this figure?

5. He comes with a blaster. Hey, it's the same one the Han figure comes with. Do you suppose...okay: Greedo threatens Han. They wrestle for the gun. It goes off, killing Greedo. Han mourns this tragic loss of life, takes the gun, and vows to do good in Greedo's name. This is how it will happen in Star Wars: a Very Special Edition.


Greedo's family fled their homeworld after persecution by a warlord. Eventually hooking up with some bounty hunters that taught him the essentials, Greedo had dreams of one day becoming the best" bounty hunter there ever was. He was maneuvered into going after Han because of a grudge he had against him (Han once caught him stealing power coupling from the Falcon), even though the bounty hunters who arranged this knew Greedo would be no match for Solo.

In the novel Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, it was revealed that the bartender took Greedo's body after his death, and, except for the head, used it to make a fine liquer. Whether his partons knew this or not is debatable. Greedos' head was eventually claimed by a friend and given a proper burial. Sheesh, what a way to go.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

General Madine (ROTJ 1983-84)

What can you do with a General that only talks? Well, it’s a toy – use your imagination for pete’s sake. But seriously, General Madine didn’t seem to have a lot of play value. Just look at his only accessory, a “battle” staff. It’s more like a presentation pointer. The figure only came on an ROTJ card. Based on production shots from ROTJ, Madine was probably supposed to have had more screen time in the movie, most notably during the space battle. It is conjectured that he was suppose to die in one of the Rebel ships destroyed by the Death Star II.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. No one does an “attack-a-battle-station” presention like ol’ Madine.

2. The beard. The brooding eyes. Get him. Get him.

3. Battle staff! Whoo-hoo!

4. Finally tell Han where to go. Well, tell him to lead the Endor mission anyway.

5. Re-create the long-lost scene where Madine is only talked to by Ewoks at the after-party.


Crix Madine (given a first name later, unlike Admiral Ackbar) joined the Imperial Academy from his home planet of Corellia and quickly rose through the ranks. After having doubts about the morality of his missions, however, he defected to the Rebels, eventually planning the attack on the Endor shield generator.

After the Battle of Endor, he continued to be a military advisor and led mission insuring the safety of the New Republic. About 12 years after the Battle of Yavin, though, he was killed on a mission trying to stop the construction of a Death Star-like super laser named Darksaber, being built by a hutt. However, his spy work led the New Republic to its location to destroy it.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Gamorrean Guard (ROTJ 1983-84)

Probably the biggest complaint I have about the Gamorrean Guard (and others will attest to this) is that the thing never fit in any - any - figure cases. I don't care if you have the Vader case, the Laser Rifle Case, or are using a Yugo as a carrying case, this fatso never fit in anything! That beer gut! The immovable head! That green porcine face!

The guard came with a vibro axe, which anyone who has read any kind of science fiction/cyber punk literature knows that this blade instrument can do much more damage than a regular axe because it vibrates a gajillion times a second. The Guard also came in ROTJ and much, much rarer POTF packaging (look on Ebay - pricey!).

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Someone's getting eaten by the Rancor, and it sure ain't me.

2. Test out some Jedi mind tricks on this easy species.

3. The perfect gift to tell that armchair quarterback exactly what you think of them.

4. The perfect mascot for any Irish pigs you know.

5. An axe? In the Star Wars Universe? Really? And it's not with an Ewok? I've got to see this.


Gamorreans come from the lush jungle planet of Gamorr (why do sci-fi planets always have one climate? Earth has dozens!). They are a primitive species (duh!) governed by matriarchal clans. Because of their fighting abilities and dumb nature, they are often employed by crime lords who can get them on the cheap. Twelve Gamorreans were brought to Jabba by Han Solo and Chewbacca (when they were still in his employ) - two of them were named Gartog and Ortugg. No clue on which one the figure is supposed to be.

Want to know more? Wookieepedia article

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

4-LOM (ESB 1980-82)

Another bounty hunter! Although they got very little screen time in ESB, bounty hunters are just so damn popular. So popular, that in later years (after the original Kenner line) Hasbro came out with a full bounty hunter pack, even though Boba Fett is really the only one of consequence in the original films.

4-LOM and Zuckuss got their names mixed around in the original line - this has since been corrected in later lines. The one pictured here is actually Zuckuss, an alien. 4-LOM, as it sounds, is actually the name of the droid.

This figure came with a unique blaster, and on an ESB and ROTJ card. His "robe" is made of a leathery material that is unlike anything found on other figures. Over that is a vest/backpack combo which is part of the alien's survival suit.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. How often do you get the chance to own an actual bug-eyed alien?

2. That pleather robe makes me...feel kinda funny.

3. Two words: Bounty. Hunter.

4. Give it up for the shortest bounty hunter out there (excepting the late Boussh).

5. You have to feel sorry for the guy - they got his name wrong.


Zuckuss (as I will correctly call him) was a "findsman" and a native ammonia-breathing Gand. After the arrival of the Empire to his home planet he went off-world and found work as a bounty hunter due to his uncanny ability to find people (he was partially Force-sensitive). He was often forced to wear a containment suit while working in oxygen-based atmospheres, such as Vader's ship. He also was a schizophrenic with multiple-personality disorder, each personality able to speak a different dialect entirely.

Zuckuss eventually teamed with the droid 4-LOM, and they enjoyed a successful hunting career. During the Battle of Hoth, they rescued some Rebels in an attempt to infiltrate the Rebellion and gain access to Han Solo. Zuckuss, however, was in critical shape due to a previous lung injury. The Rebels befriended him, game him new lungs, and he an 4-LOM joined the Rebellion for a time. He later went back to bounty hunting, and eventually landed in a Coruscant jail.

Want more? Wookieepedia article

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

FX-7 (Medical Droid) (ESB 1980-82)

Many of my SW toys first came from garage sales that my dad had stopped at. My first brush with an FX-7 figure came in such a way. Thus, I had no f@#*ing idea what it was. I figured it was Star Wars because it came with a bunch of other Star Wars things, but it was only later looking at some card's back that I figured it out. It comes on an ESB and a ROTJ card.

FX-7 is another one of those now-you-see-me-now-you-don't characters from the movies. Along with 2-1B, it helped Luke recover from his Wampa encounter on Hoth.

Why should you care? My five reasons:

1. You are cooler than everyone else because you don't follow the crowd. You only had so much money for a figure, but you didn't get one of those Han in Hoth gears clogging up the racks, you got an FX-7!

2. There are at least 8 arms on the thing! This isn't your humanoid C-3PO, this is like mecha-octopus.

3. Everyone of those 8 arms can move. The grasping arm rotates, the other seven can, um, pop out. Well they still move damnit! Anyone who ever had this figure and played with it a lot can attest that getting those arms back in place after a while can be a real bitch.

4. This is a fairly accurate representation of a character that had very little screen time. The head even rotates.

5. There is no other way you can complete your homage to Bacta tanks and Wampa injuries without an FX-7.


At the time of Empires Strikes Back, FX-7 was slightly dated but still a good medical droid. He (yes, apparently it is a he) had worked with 2-1B for over a year, but 2-1B was still his superior. They both escaped on one of the last rebel ships to leave the Hoth system.

A look at the photo on the front of the card shows the detail that went into this droid prop, especially considering his little screen time. The real prop had a lot more arms than the figure, but hey, how much can you accomplish with small pieces of plastic?

Want more? Wookieepedia article

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ewok Village Action Playset (ROTJ)

Meet the biggest accessory of Ewok ingenuity, the Ewok Village playset! Relive every exciting Ewok-filled moment from Return of the Jedi! Throw a net on our Rebel friends! Swing a big rock into an AT-ST! Other things to do on here include:
- A branch and twig elevator for figures
- Roast a figure over the firepit on a spit
- Levitate C-3PO on his “throne”
- Hide a figure in an alcove!
- Drop a figure into the hole in one part of a tree and it comes out the other below! much like your old Fisher Price Sesame Street set!
- Drum!

While we never got to see a tree village playset from the Star Wars Christmas Special, we got the Ewok Village. Maybe they’ll finally make a tree village set from what little we got to see of Chewbacca’s home planet in Revenge of the Sith. This playset was later given some plastic green foliage and used as the Sherwood Forest playset in Kenner’s line of action figures from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. See how it was re-used at the site Recycling of the Force.

Why should you own this set? Five reasons:

1. Where else to store your many, many Ewok figures?

2. Relive the almost fatal BBQing of Han Solo and the bunch.

3. Well, if you get enough Lukes in Stormtrooper disguise, you can make the stormtrooper helmet drums on the railing.

4. Marvel at how the Ewoks can build an elevator! And a drum!

5. Know in your heart, that this is the closest you’ll come to getting a Chewbacca-home playset.


Simply a recreation – on a smaller scale – of the Ewok’s home village. To make it more interesting, Kenner has put all the Ewok moments here as well. From the Ewoks cartoon we learn that this particular village is called “Bright Tree Village.”

Want more? Wookieepedia article

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ewok Combat Glider (ROTJ)

Those nutty Ewoks! First, they have an obnoxious amount of traps ready for all the AT-STs (which the one driven by Chewbacca seems to avoid), then they have flying contraptions. All this for a bunch of primitive furballs.

The Ewok Combat Glider lets you attach your favorite Ewok (or similarly-sized figure) to a hang glider-like thing that was somehow light enough to carry two small boulders and a passenger.

Why should you own this…vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Like the Catapult, you can’t resist that it comes with two balls.

2. If you’re an Ewok fan, you have to get it.

3. If you’re not, get it as proof of the ineffectual nature of the Ewoks. Did this really help them?

4. All the good Star Wars vehicles were sold out.

5. This was on a clearance rack.


It’s remarkable that the Ewoks mastered flight at their stage in cultural advancement, yet somehow they did. The Ewok Hang Glider (as other sources refer to it) was simply skins of various animals tanned to a tight and light leather, supported by a framework of strong but light wood.

Want more? Wookieepedia article

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ewok Combat Glider (ROTJ)

Those nutty Ewoks! First, they have an obnoxious amount of traps ready for all the AT-STs (which the one driven by Chewbacca seems to avoid), then they have flying contraptions. All this for a bunch of primitive furballs.

The Ewok Combat Glider lets you attach your favorite Ewok (or similarly-sized figure) to a hang glider-like thing that was somehow light enough to carry two small boulders and a passenger.

Why should you own this…vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Like the Catapult, you can’t resist that it comes with two balls.

2. If you’re an Ewok fan, you have to get it.

3. If you’re not, get it as proof of the ineffectual nature of the Ewoks. Did this really help them?

4. All the good Star Wars vehicles were sold out.

5. This was on a clearance rack.


It’s remarkable that the Ewoks mastered flight at their stage in cultural advancement, yet somehow they did. The Ewok Hang Glider (as other sources refer to it) was simply skins of various animals tanned to a tight and light leather, supported by a framework of strong but light wood.

Want more? Wookieepedia article

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ewok Battle Wagon Vehicle (POTF)

The original Power of the force line produced some of the rarest Star Wars collectibles on the planet, including…an Ewok Battle Wagon? While it was never seen in ROTJ, it was featured prominently in at least one episode of Ewoks (although not with all the features). This vehicle was only released in POTF packaging.

The features of the Battle Wagon included:

- A front-lowering ramp

- Battering ram

- Ladder

- Large animal skull on top for a protective “cockpit”

- Portable jail for (pictured) stormtroopers and bad guys

- Wheels

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Despite it being Ewok, it is the coolest Ewok thing you’ll ever own.

2. The POTF packaging says it all: rare, rare, rare.

3. The best proof that Ewoks are badasses – they killed something with a skull that size

4. One of the few wheeled vehicles in the whole Star Wars universe. That means you don’t have to keep holding it to simulate floating. That is soooooo tiring.

5. Could be substituted as some middle-ages device.


Built by one of Wicket’s ancestors, the Battle Wagon helped the Ewoks gain dominance over the Duloks and win their “civil” war. Wicket rediscovered it neglected in the forest, the Duloks captured it, it was soon recaptured by the Ewoks, and they again thwarted the Duloks. Some people have speculated about the “Bantha” skull on top, but Banthas are native to Tatooine, not Endor, plus it only vaguely resembles a Bantha. The Wagon was also re-used as a toy in the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves line (see here at Recycling of the Force).

Want more? Wookieepedia article

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ewok Assault Catapult Accessory (ROTJ)

One of several Ewok toys produced, but not as satisfying as playing with a real catapult. Seen in the movie, but proves pretty useless against heavy artillery. Against ground troops, however, they seem to do just fine. It only came in an ROTJ box, and even though it wasn’t actually produced for the Ewoks line, it is featured on the back of the cartoon figures.

Why should you own this accessory? Five reasons:

1. Just add a good spring somewhere, then you can do some real catapult action.

2. Re-enact hitting AT-STs and merely pissing them off.

3. Have a contest - which is more effective: the catapult against AT-STs or the Radar Laser Cannon against AT-ATs?

4. Ewok catapult! No, really – catapult an Ewok.

5. Comes with two balls. Yeah, you heard me right.


The development of the Ewok Catapult goes back to the thinktank labs of the Bright Tree Village braintrust…no, I’m just kidding. It’s just a catapult – the Ewoks must have developed it sometime in their history. It is featured both in the movie and the cartoon.

Short Wookieepedia article on catapults

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