Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nikto (ROTJ 1983-84)

Nikto was another of Jabba’s many generic bodyguards during the events of ROTJ, although it should be noted that Nikto is the name of the species and not an individual. There were at least three distinct ones during the events of the movie, and the figure is based on only one.

Nikto came with the same “battle staff” that Barada and Yak Face (not released in the U.S.) came with. He also came on both an ROTJ card and a POTF card (rarer), which seems like kind of a cheat for Kenner since there were probably more deserving characters for the POTF line than this one.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:1. The whole Klaatu, Barada, Nikto thing (see below).

2. If you’re lucky enough to get the Tatooine Skiff (very rare), than you have to get this figure.

3. That Sarlacc Pitt isn’t going to feed itself you know.

4. Necessary for your Jabba diorama for 1st grade show and tell.

5. Necessary for the Jabba diorama you try to hide from potential girlfriends.


Niktos are from the planet Kintan, which was bombarded by radiation from a nearby dying star. This caused more rapid evolution than normal, so there are at least 5 genetically-compatible subspecies existing on the planet. They all have the leathery skin and little facial muscles in common however.

About 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Hutts discovered the Niktos, living in fear because of the rise of a cult. The Hutts eradicated the cult, earning the loyalty of the Niktos. For the next 25,000 years the Niktos had little involvement in the galaxy as a whole because of their dedication to the Hutts, including Jabba who employed several up until his death.

Nikto's name came from the phrase "Klaatu barada nikto" said in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Want more? His Wookieepedia entry

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nien Nunb (ROTJ 1983-84)

Nien Nunb is one of those figure no one seems to know what to do with. Do I take Han and Chewbacca out of the seats of the Millennium Falcon and put Lando and Nien in, or do I let it be? If not, what else do I do with him? Have him celebrate in the Ewok Village afterwards?

Nien came with a blaster pistol - the same one as the Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot. He only came on an ROTJ card, since he really wasn't POTF-worthy. He has no problem fitting into the cockpit of the Falcon, mainly because it was built for a Wookiee. Nien was originally offered as a mail-away, but like all the other mail-aways from the original line he was eventually put on his own card.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Make up your own subtitles for what he says to Lando: "Your general's cape really shows your feminine side."

2. Re-create the scenes where he keeps telling people he's not related to the other Sullustan in the Rebellion.

3. That blue vest so accentuates that red jumpsuit.

4. He's got balls for adjusting Chewie's seat.

5. At least he didn't start wearing clothing he found in the Falcon right away, like Lando did at the end of ESB.


Nien worked for the SoruSuub corporation until they joined with the Empire, then he began stealing and smuggling from them. He eventually hooked up with Lando, who later brought him into the Rebllion riding shotgun in the Falcon while making the run on the second Death Star. His home planet is Sullust, and he has one sister named Aril. Lando later had him runnign spice operations on Kessel.

In ROTJ, he was actually a puppet, and not a small person in a costume. That's why he was so articulated. He was voiced by a student from Kenya who just used his native language of Haya.

His full Wookieepedia entry

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Friday, June 28, 2013

MTV-7 Multi Terrain Vehicle (ESB)

MTV, eh? The release of the MTV-7 was in 1981. MTV the network started August 1, 1981. Coincidence? Who copied who? The world may never know, but I do know this: the MTV-7 has as much relevance to music as the other MTV does today. Go ahead – try to find a video on there.
MTV stands for “multi-terrain vehicle.” Pretty generic, but it is a nifty little mini-rig from ESB. It is a one-man (or woman – sorry Leia) cockpit with a rotating blaster on the front, two roller wheels and springs that allow you to lower and raise the cockpit in relation to the ground. If you pushed it down and let go fast you could make it jump a little bit.
Realistically, the “tires” would be pretty crappy on real snow and ice, but it’s a toy so I’ll let that slide. It was a cute little vehicle (yeah, you want all your Star Wars toys to be cute) and cheap, so enjoy!
Why should you buy this vehicle? Five reasons:
1. Cheap mini-rig – extra vehicles for you to play with.
2. The closest SW vehicle to a monster truck. Enjoy, redneck sci-fi fans!
3. Give a snowtrooper a break – this is the only vehicle they let him drive.
4. The only SW vehicle that can do push-ups.
5. One of the SW vehicles you’ll let your younger siblings use (you keep the good ones hidden).
Not in any of the movies, but wholly created by Kenner, the MTV-7 does show up in some of the material written about Blizzard Force, an elite Imperial cold-climate squad.
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon (ESB)

The MLC-3 is supposed to stand for “Mobile Laser Cannon” and was one of Kenner’s many mini-rigs. It maneuvers on treads (wheels) and has two laser cannons that move in tandem, up and down. The cockpit has a transparent bubble to see through. Basically, it looks like a small, white tank.

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:
1. C’mon – how many tanks can you get from the Star Wars universe?

2. Small, cheap, fits a figure.

3. Two large-ish guns! Yeah!

4. With that bubble, looks a lot like some retro-future design that would look great as a decoration.

5. Could double as a G.I. Joe tank for Snow Job.


Never seen in the films (because Kenner made it up) but it can probably be considered part of the Star Wars universe. It did appear in an issue of the Marvel Star Wars comic. However, vehicles like this would usually have repulsorlifts instead of treads, and “laser cannons” are being generous. Guns this small in the SW universe are usually blasters, and lasers are usually on larger things. It could also be taken as just a lower tech vehicle that the Rebels had to work with.

Its Wookieepedia entry

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Millennium Falcon Spaceship (SW)

The Millennium Falcon was one of the first “OH MY GOD MOM AND DAD I HAVE TO HAVE THAT” Star Wars toys. It was a vehicle, but because of its size it was also a playset. Most kids really need both hands to fly it too – they need friends to “attack” it with TIE Fighters.

This vehicle had it all – let us count the ways:
- a lowering ramp
- lowering struts
- the top cover and cockpit cover came off to play inside it
- the cockpit still fit two figures in it alone (yeah, I know, in the film it seats 4)
- top quad guns with a connected gunner’s chair
- rotating radar dish
- electronic sounds (not really movie authentic, but SOUNDS!)
- a Jedi training ball
- smuggler panels to hide figures in
- an actual dejarik table (the space chess thing)

I originally got the Falcon from a garage sale, and despite some missing pieces (everyone seems to lose the Jedi training ball) I deemed it awesome.

The Falcon came out in SW, ESB, and ROTJ boxes, each time changing the picture to something relevant. On the SW box, it was surrounded by stormtroopers. On the ESB box (which dropped “Spaceship” from the name) it was a Cloud City scene with appropriate figures. On the ROTJ box it appears to be on Tatooine with characters from Jabba’s. It also has Nien Nunb strangely enough. The Tatooine scene may be referring to a deleted scene where the gang made it back to the Falcon during a sandstorm on Tatooine.

This year, due to the old mold breaking, Hasbro redid the Falcon for it's newest release. It is now $200 retail (someplace like Target sells it for $150.00) and the sucker is awesome. Not only do they fix it so the passenger compartments are in the right place (instead if where the engine is supposed to be), but it even has a med-bay - Fix Luke's severed hand! It is 30% larger and comes with Han and Chewie! Check out this video tour of it here.

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. All those cool features listed above.

2. It is the ultimate showpiece: everyone recognizes what you have displayed, you don’t have to explain it.

3. It’s the Falcon, man. It made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs!

4. You can fly the thing, or just have Chewbacca fix it with tools from the Vehicle Maintenance Energizer.

5. Vehicle and playset. Ooooh, yeah.


The Falcon started life as a Correlian Engineering Corporation built YT-1300 stock light freighter. It was about 60 years old by the Battle of Yavin, even appearing in Revenge of the Sith (in the scene where they crash land on Coruscant). It was damaged sometime after and was heavily rebuilt by an enterprising technician. It was stolen by a pirate, and eventually won in a sabacc tournament by Lando Calrissian about five years before the Battle of Yavin. Later, Han Solo won it from Lando in another game of sabacc, and used it for smuggling. He was boarded by Imperials shortly before the Battle of Yavin and had to jettison his cargo for Jabba the Hutt. It was instrumental in the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of Death Star II.

It has many modifications, including jamming equipment and faster engines. Armaments include a hidden laser, a top and bottom quad laser cannon, and concussion missile launchers (which took out the second Death Star). The Falcon is still serving as primary transport for Solo and family in the novels.

Full Wookieepedia entry here.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lumat (ROTJ 1983-84)

Lumat, just like Warok (what do you mean all Ewoks look alike? What are you racist?), came with a bow, a quiver, and a cowl. He also came on both ROTJ and POTF cards. By this time I don’t think I need to tell you which one is rarer. He was not a prominent Ewok in the movies, so I can’t just say “he was the one who…” It doesn’t really matter with Star Wars figures, however, since many of the characters made into figures did not have any lines, or were on screen for about 15 seconds.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:
1. Own a piece of history as they change his origin! (see the Wookieepedia entry)

2. Too many Ewok things, so few Ewoks to man them.

3. Your girlfriend likes the Ewoks. Your girlfriend sucks.

4. Relive the harrowing moment when Lumat discovers his stormtrooper bloodlust!

5. You’ve got serious Ewok fever, and it can only be quenched with…Lumat!


Lumat was the chief woodcutter for the Ewok tribe. In the movies he was just one of many background characters. The Customizable Card Game now shows Lumat as a different Ewok, with stripes. No word yet on if this figure will ever be redone in the new line, and if it will be the original grey or stripes. Do we really care?

His Wookieepedia entry.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot (SW 1978-79)

That orange jumpsuit, those beady eyes, it could only be…Luke? The X-Wing outfit was the first costume change we get to see of a character, but Luke’s face is quite generic - it could be most other X-Wing pilots. His eyes remind me of a lot of old comic strips, like Little Orphan Annie. Beady little eyes.
Luke comes with the same blaster pistol that Han came with, and his uniform which actually has quite a few good details from the original movie costume. This figure came on SW, ESB, ROTJ, and POTF cards. For the ESB card it was renamed to Luke Skywalker: (X-Wing Pilot); for ROTJ and POTF it was Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Fighter Pilot). Big distinctions here.
Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:
1. If you were a stickler like me, this was the only figure that could fly your X-Wing.
2. Those eyes. Like the old Shazam! comics or something. Creepy.
3. No other figure besides Walrus Man gives you quite the orange as this one.
4. Recreate that scene where the X-Wing cockpit flies open mid-flight and Luke spills out to his death in space. Oh, wait, that was just in my living room.
5. Recreate the other scene where Luke switches off his targeting computer:
“Luke, you’ve switched off your targeting computer. What the f*** are you doing?”
“It’s okay, I’m alright.”
“What? What are you talking about? Look, I’m on a planet about to be f***ing blown up! Do you want that? Huh, do you want me vaporized?”
“I’m going in.”
“Listen you hayseed – I’ve been in the Rebellion longer than you. You show me some respect!”
“I’ve got one on my tail!”
“I don’t care if there’s a giant space slug with your leg in its mouth – you switch your f***ing computer on right now!”
“Torpedos away!”
“You son of a…”
X-Wing pilots have a long and varied history of wearing orange, ever since Lance Lightloafer designed one during the third season of Galactic Project Runway. But seriously, the designers on the original film put together uniforms that looked pilot-like. I just wish they had made a different uniform for Y-Wing pilots – new figure! If you want Luke’s backstory, here's his Wookieepedia entry. Here's the entry on the X-Wing.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) (ROTJ 1983-84)

This figure is all over the place, despite having only been on ROTJ and POTF cards. First the lightsaber was blue, then it was green (the accurate color). There are slight color variations in the robe, and how it was packaged with the figure. The robe also came in a sewn or snap collar. The salient facts are that this figure came with a removable robe, a blaster (the one he Force-pulled from a Jabba’s guard’s hand), and a lightsaber.
This was the time to get Luke – he was finally a true badass. As you watched ROTJ for the first time you thought, “Mother-puss-bucket – he’s actually hitting blaster bolts!” “He’s using Jedi mind tricks!” “WTF!” He’s also wearing black – like Johnny Cash.
Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:
1. The aforementioned man in black. Forget Vader, this Luke comes with more accessories.
2. the only one that can go in front of Jabba.
3. Who else is going to walk the plank on your Tatooine Skiff?
4. Use the lightsaber from this Luke for your Poncho Luke.
5. The first Luke fashion show – whip that cape off!
Luke was a lowly boy doing outerspace porn, oh, c'mon, you know who Luke is! Here's his full Wookieepedia entry.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Luke Skywalker (Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit) (POTF 1985)

For the figures that only came out on POTF cards, Luke came out the best. He got both Poncho Luke and this figure. Reaching back to the original film, Kenner made a Luke dressed as Stormtrooper with a removable helmet. Not only that, but his neck could turn! Sure, today this is not a big deal, but back then we were used to Stormtroopers with no-move necks, and we liked it!
As previously mentioned, this figure only came out on a POTF card, and came with a standard-issue Stormtrooper blaster rifle and helmet. The helmet didn’t exactly “click” on so you weren't confident enough to hold it upside down, but it would do.
Why should you buy this figure? Five reasons:
1. To tell Kenner to keep making figures like this, so eventually you can get a Han in Stormtrooper outfit. Or they can just take your money.
2. Goes great with the Death Star Playset you bought years earlier and your little brother now plays with.
3. More specifically, goes great in the trash compacter in the Death Star Playset.
4. Now you can finally have Leia utter the line, “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”
5. Luke just looks good in white.
Luke and Han (with Chewie’s help) took out a couple of stormtroopers and wore their armor.
For the full story, Luke's Wookieepedia entry.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear) (ESB 1980-82)

Now, the fact that this figure is in “Hoth Battle Gear” is actually misleading. If you watch The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is never actually in a battle per se with this gear on. In fact, the most violent he gets is cutting off a wampa’s arm while fleeing from it. Technically, the only battle gear he uses on Hoth is his X-Wing uniform while in the snowspeeder. If you wan to get anal about it.

Luke wears a rather standard Rebel cold weather jacket. Molded onto his figure (and unmovable) are goggles and macrobinoculars. His scarf is molded on open. He comes with a standard Rebel blaster rifle, but, and this is key, he never actually uses that in the movie. What he uses – while in this outfit – is a lightsaber. Yet he doesn’t come with one. Hmm. This figure came in ESB and ROTJ logo packaging.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:
1. You got the wampa, now baby needs someone to swipe at.

2. You also got the tauntaun with open belly. Who else is going in that thing?

3. There is a lot of white Hoth-related stuff, and it all needs to be manned somehow.

4. Recreate the scene where Obi-Wan talks to Luke. Then does…nothing.

5. Someone has to go check out that latest meteorite strike. Dork.


I’ll refer to the Wookieepedia article for the whole backstory. However, I will say that Luke gets put into a bacta tank for his recovery after the wampa attack. The tank was actually made into a playset in the current line (but not the vintage).

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (ESB 1980-82)

What do you bring to wear when you're meeting an acclaimed Jedi Master? Why your best brown, of course! Like Han and Leia, Luke is afforded many a change of outfit throughout the trilogy (sorry Chewie!). This outfit, which we actually see first on Dagobah then on Bespin, has a lot of pockets for all your survival needs. You will also notice that a deactivated lightsaber is hanging from Luke's utility belt.

This Luke comes with a lightsaber (in yellow, and not the true blue) and a the same blaster pistol that Han carries. The figure has a variation in the hair coloring - it got darker blonde later in its run. Bespin Luke came on two ESB cards (they changed the background photo) and an ROTJ card.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. This and Jedi Luke are the essential dueling figures.

2. You can't visit the Dagobah or Cloud City set without Bespin Luke.

3. Comes with a lightsaber and a blaster! How can you go wrong?

4. Sorry - a detraction - his hand does not come off (at least, not until the new Bespin Luke in the 1990's).

5. Recreate the harrowing hanging-by-his-knees-under-Cloud-City ordeal. Wait...his knees don't bend. Damnit!


I'll refer you to the Wookieepedia article for Luke's full story, and just add that in this outfit he not only gets trained by a Jedi Master, he also fights one and loses his hand. Keep this outfit for nostalgia, man!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho) (POTF 1985)

Seriously? “Battle Poncho?” This is, in all probability, the only time you will associate battles with ponchos. Han gets a cool trenchcoat on Endor, and Luke gets a effeminate battle poncho. It’s for camouflage, but who doesn’t want to look cool while trying to infiltrate a secret Imperial shield bunker?
BP Luke comes with the same pistol (molded in black) as Jedi Luke does, and a cloth poncho with a utility belt to cinch it. His helmet is not removable, but under the poncho is the same black outfit as the Jedi Luke figure (when I do the Jedi Luke posting I’ll retroactively link it here). Where is the frickin’ lightsaber? I mean, really, he cuts a speeder bike in half while it’s flying! BP Luke comes only on a POTF card.
Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:
1. The only chance to get a Luke figure without a lightsaber. Wait. That’s no reason…
2. Your excuse to get another speeder bike.
3. Poncho fever – catch it!
4. The only Luke figure goofy enough to be seen in the Ewok Village.
5. POTF – rare, collect them all!
Well, Luke is obviously wearing this outfit for Endorflage, but his full Wookieepedia article is here.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars 1978-79)

Not much I can say here that most people don’t already know. This is the original Luke in his Tatooine clothes - how he looked throughout most of the first movie. This figure came on cards for all three movies, including another ROTJ card with a different background picture (he’s seated at the control of a Millennium Falcon quad-gun). His only accessory is a built-in lightsaber, which Kenner inexplicably made yellow, instead of the blue hue it was in the film. Maybe to differentiate it from the Obi-Wan’s lightsaber which was also blue. His hair was sometimes yellow, sometimes a light brown.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. C’mon! He’s the main character of the original trilogy!

2. Simulate the whining! “But I wanted to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”

3. For my money there is no finer pilot…of the Landspeeder.

4. Have him fight Darth Vader! I know I did – even though they barely even saw each other in the original film.

5. Have your Han figure bitch-slap him for complaining all the time. “This ain’t like dusting crops boy! Now STFU!”


Born in Revenge of the Sith, raised by his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru on blue milk, joined the Rebel Alliance, overthrew the Empire, killed his dad, and became a Jedi Knight. In the novels, after the movies, he eventually marries a fellow Jedi named Mara Jade (who used to work for the Emperor) and they had a son named Ben. He had many adventures which are too numerous to go into here.

Want more? His full Wookieepedia article

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