Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jann Tosh (Droids 1985)

That open shirt with the ripped chest and abs? It’s He-Man, I mean, Jann Tosh! With his fondness for red vests and headbands, Jann Tosh comes with a blaster rifle just like IG-88’s, except molded in black. He also has different colored wristbands, completing his 1980’s “let’s get physical” ensemble.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:
1. Hey – Jann isn’t just a girl’s name anymore.

2. That dashing headband, that bulging chest.

3. The only other guy that could pilot the A-Wing, I mean, R-22 Spearhead.

4. The idol to headband-wearing guys everywhere.

5. You actually go for those kind of looks.


Jann Tosh bought the droids from an abusive owner, as well as an alien (who later turns out to be a prince) in disguise. He eventually takes the alien, Kez-Iban, back to his homeworld to reclaim his throne. Jann is then made captain in that world’s space navy. At one point in the show, he is shown piloting an A-Wing fighter, but since those weren’t supposed to exist until after The Empire Strikes Back, this has been retroactively converted (retconned) to an R-22 Spearhead. Along the way he was helped out by the two droids. Afterwards he joined the Rebel Alliance.

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