Monday, November 12, 2007

Bespin Security Guard, white (ESB 1980-82)

The Bespin security guard is an interesting case. Not onlydo we have one that is white, but another who is black. Today we concentrate on the white one. He comes with a standard Cloud City pistol, gets a good union wage, and hopes that his boss isn't some kind of swindler.

Why should you have this figure:

1. Again, two words: army builder. Get a ton of this one and the other guy and defend Bespin against the Empire!

2. The oddity of two of the same kind of character is too weird not to get one of each.

3. You need to act out the scene where Lando finally gets some cajones and surrounds the stormtroopers with his own guards.

4. You need to act out the scene with the other guard in the lunch room where you talk about your benefits and dental.

5. Two more words: handlebar mustache.


Not much of a backstory. The guard is just some generic Joe Schmo who goes home to his 3-bedroom in the lower column of Cloud City. You know, near the tibanna gas clouds. He thanks his lucky stars he and his family don't live near one of the mining facilities - those things run day and night! Now your boss is threatening your union contract because the mob, I mean, the Empire is trying horn in on your business. Oh well, at least they have daycare.

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China said...

This guy's action figure to me always resembled a Japanese kamikaze pilot.