Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho) (POTF 1985)

Seriously? “Battle Poncho?” This is, in all probability, the only time you will associate battles with ponchos. Han gets a cool trenchcoat on Endor, and Luke gets a effeminate battle poncho. It’s for camouflage, but who doesn’t want to look cool while trying to infiltrate a secret Imperial shield bunker?

BP Luke comes with the same pistol (molded in black) as Jedi Luke does, and a cloth poncho with a utility belt to cinch it. His helmet is not removable, but under the poncho is the same black outfit as the Jedi Luke figure (when I do the Jedi Luke posting I’ll retroactively link it here). Where is the frickin’ lightsaber? I mean, really, he cuts a speeder bike in half while it’s flying! BP Luke comes only on a POTF card.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. The only chance to get a Luke figure without a lightsaber. Wait. That’s no reason…

2. Your excuse to get another speeder bike.

3. Poncho fever – catch it!

4. The only Luke figure goofy enough to be seen in the Ewok Village.

5. POTF – rare, collect them all!


Well, Luke is obviously wearing this outfit for Endorflage, but his full backstory is on his original figure here.


Charlie said...

Hi, great blog. Just wanted to say that the body under the poncho is different to the Jedi Knight Luke figure. Jedi Luke is in his Jabba's Palace garb, the Battle Poncho Luke is in his final duel jumpsuit, with the flap.

Ben said...

Yes, very true. If the helmet was removable this would be the main way to tell the difference. the way Kenner made it however, you can just look and say, "Why in the heck does my Jedi Luke have a permanent helmet?" Not to be confused with the helmet hair Luke sports in ROTJ.

Arndal said...

He comes on a tri logo card aswell