Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Everyone who collected the original Kenner line at the time always got that giddy thrill when they saw a mail-away offer. Rarely, as a kid, do you consider that cutting out the proof of purchase will ruin your figure's future re-sell value - who thought of that as a kid? Your main concern was, "Do I have enough POPs to get this offer?" The problem was, with a lot of the old Kenner offers were for figures that later came out carded anyway. As a kid, of course, you didn't know that, so any missed mail-away was a considered a missed figure. The only mail-aways you couldn't get later in the stores were the display stands and a complete set of the POTF cards (an unadvertised offer). The figures first offered as mail-aways (I'm not fully sure if this is complete-comment if you know otherwise):

1. Boba Fett
2. Bossk (advertised as a "secret" figure)
3. 4-LOM
4. Admiral Ackbar
5. Nien Nunb
6. The Emperor
7. Anakin Skywalker

Other mail-aways included:
1. The first movie display arena
2. The ESB display arena with L-shaped pieces and various backgrounds.
3. The survival kit (also later packaged in some ESB vehicles in department store specials, like the AT-AT).
4. The complete set of POTF coins (this was an unadvertised, but redeemable offer).

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