Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bespin Security Guard [black] (ESB 1980-2)

Finally, a brother can get some respect . Sure, there was another Bespin Security Guard, but this is, for lack of any other clarifier, is the black guy. He comes with the same pistol that most of the characters on Bespin came with, and he came on an ESB and ROTJ card. The big difference between this figure’s packaging and the other Guard’s (other than the cast picture) is that this guy has a blue background for his name and figure. The white guy has an orange background. Odd, but there it is.

His left hand is molded in an odd position – apparently from the picture it is for putting his hand on the floating Han in Carbonite. That, or petting a large Bespin Cloud Poodle.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Equality – how many black people are there in Star Wars?

2. An army builder – you’ve got to get more than one, and in this case you can get black and white ones (unlike those racist all-white Stormtroopers).

3. The man who put the hand on Han.

4. The stylish navy blue with gold trim. A classic.

5. You need another Bespin dude for your poker club diorama.


Not much of a backstory, since there really wasn’t much of one created. I’ll refer you to my post on the previous guard.

21st in alphabetical order

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