Friday, January 1, 2010

Darth Vader Collector's Case (ESB)

RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH...Dart Vader's head.

What can I say? A figure carrying case in the likeness of Darth Vader. holds *about* 31 figures. I use "about" loosely because if you have the short guys (Wicket, R2, Ugnaught) you're obviously getting more in. Other, like the Rancor Keeper - forget about it. There was also a little compartment for accessories. Of course, whenever you open it up, everything will go all over the place. Each row had a bar to hold the figures in place, as well as stickers to label them. next wave comes, however, and they're hopelessly out of date. my favorite is the paper insert giving you a guideline about where to put which figures. Give me some credit!

Why should you own this case? Five reasons:

1. The cheapest way to get a huge bust of Darth Vader over your mantel.

2. Less tacky than a velvet Elvis as a wall decoration.

3. Carry your figures man!

4. Quickest way to get pulled out of line by airport security.

5. Better than a grocery bag.

Want more? Darth Vader's Wookieepedia article

38th in alphabetical order

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Cap'n Carrot said...

Best collector's case ever! I've still got mine gathering dust in the basement somewhere.