Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snaggletooth (SW 1978-79)

Snaggletooth is yet another Cantina denizen, and yet another Star Wars alien to have the same gun as Greedo (and many others from the first movie). Snaggletooth was a bit of an odd figure, because Kenner, at first, referenced a vague black and white photograph of this alien. What they came up with was the taller, blue Snaggletooth, pictured above. While the blue mistake was still produced in the original line, it only came with the Sears-exclusive Cantina Adventure Set, a cheap cardboard-only playset that included Greedo, blue Snaggletooth, Walrusman, and Hammerhead.

Snaggletooth, for me, was one of those figures with limited play value (unless you count drinking), plus he was short. That always ticked me off with short figures. If, like me, you also got into the 1980’s G.I. Joes, you know that if a figure this short came out in that line they would at least include some elaborate laser-bazooka-tripod-backpack to make up for it. Nope, Snaggletooth just had a gun.

Snaggletooth was available on SW, ESB, and ROTJ cards.

Why should you own him anyway? Five reasons:

1. Get Snaggle and the rest of the shorties to sing the Lollipop Guild song from the “Wizard of Oz.”

2. Your mom didn’t realize she was buying you a figure whose big scene was begging for booze at the Cantina.

3. In the Cantina brawl you set up on your playset, Snaggletooth is able to crawl through everyone’s legs, just like in all those corny movies.

4. The stylish red jumpsuit.

5. Arguably the ugliest face of any figure in the original line.


Snaggletooth, like many alien names in the first trilogy, was more of a nickname given by the film crew to keep the aliens straight. Later on, all of their stories were fleshed out. Snaggly is a Snivvian by the name of Zutton.

Zutton worked as an artist, and as a bounty hunter. He helped support his brother Takeel (briefly seen in the movie) and occasionally worked for Jabba.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

149th in alphabetical order

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