Friday, September 3, 2010

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) (ROTJ 1983-84)

This figure is all over the place, despite having only been on ROTJ and POTF cards. First the lightsaber was blue, then it was green (the accurate color). There are slight color variations in the robe, and how it was packaged with the figure. The robe also came in a sewn or snap collar. The salient facts are that this figure came with a removable robe, a blaster (the one he Force-pulled from a Jabba’s guard’s hand), and a lightsaber.

This was the time to get Luke – he was finally a true badass. As you watched ROTJ for the first time you thought, “Mother-puss-bucket – he’s actually hitting blaster bolts!” “He’s using Jedi mind tricks!” “WTF!” He’s also wearing black – like Johnny Cash.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. The aforementioned man in black. Forget Vader, this Luke comes with more accessories.

2. the only one that can go in front of Jabba.

3. Who else is going to walk the plank on your Tatooine Skiff?

4. Use the lightsaber from this Luke for your Poncho Luke.

5. The first Luke fashion show – whip that cape off!


Luke was a lowly boy doing outerspace porn, oh, c'mon, you know who Luke is! Here's his full Wookieepedia entry.

109th in alphabetical order

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