Friday, January 7, 2011

EV-9D9 (POTF 1985)

Among some of the last figures produced, the Power of the Force line became instantly collectible because they are some of the rarest of the original line. EV-9D9 only came on a POTF card with her coin and no accessories. Despite having no guns (like pretty much every droid in the original line - except bounty hunters) it is a cool figure - look at reason #1.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Look at the last picture. There is lever in the back of her head which makes here mouth move. That's more action than any other figure in the line!

2. A female droid? Yes, a female droid. All the literature says so. When are you ever going to get a female droid again?

3. That third eye. Not only is she a control freak, she's a freak-freak.

4. The ultimate head caterer for any sail barge/Jedi roast get-together.

5. She is one crazy b*tch.


EV-9D9 actually worked in Cloud City during Lando's management. However, her sadomasochistic tendencies got the better of her and she systematically tortured many of the droids in Bespin. After her controller found out, she fled the system, but not before partially sabotaging the City as a distraction. She found her way to Jabba's palace and quickly climbed the ranks. She secretly built a room for her tortuous experiments and built droids out of spare parts that felt pain, even giving pain receptors to droids that didn't have them, for her own sick pleasure.

After finding out that Lando had infilitrated the palace, EV-9D9 thought that he and his droids (R2 an C-3PO) were there for her, although they were there for Han. Before she could implement any recourse, she was tracked down by one of the tortured droids from Bespin, which let loose her own creations on her.

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54th in alphabetical order

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ClankTheRobot said...

excellent figure, but so many are now armless...such brittle plastic in the shoulder joints...