Monday, September 10, 2012

Biker Scout (ROTJ 1983-4)

What is a Speeder Bike without a Biker Scout? Of course, you could get Luke with poncho or Leia with poncho or some Ewok, but what fun would that be? You want the guy with “Bike” in his name. You want the guys all black and white and cool and an easy target in a forest of green foliage. Idiots.
The Biker Scout came on both ROTJ and POTF cards, and, as always, the POTF card is rarer. He came with an actually unique blaster pistol, which, other than being gray instead of black in the movie, is very accurate to the movie prop. The figure itself is very detailed in comparison to the movie character. The figure had some minor variations n the body and head (more noticeable on the head) because of different manufacturing facilities, so there are two main variations.
Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:
1. If you already got the Bike, you had to get the figure.
2. Who else is going to get pelted by Ewoks?
3. Relive the knockdown, drag out fight between Trench Coat Han and Biker Scout!
4. Befriend Ewoks…then kill them.
4. Have two of them talking to each other about how good their scouting is, wearing bright white in a sea of green.
Their official designation is “Scout Trooper,” but they were often called Biker Scouts because they used Speeder Bikes a lot for reconnaissance and scouting. Their armor was a modified version of standard stormtrooper armor, with more flexibility, built-in macrobinoculars, and a better groin area for sitting on Bikes. They carried standard rations and a specially-modified scout trooper blaster pistol with a targeting scope and phase amplifier. Remnants of the Empire rethought the standard stormtrooper white for the Scouts after their crushing defeat on Endor. They tended to stick out.
24th in alphabetical order

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Another Star Wars action figure. I wish i have this one. I feel my collection is not yet complete because I just got only few characters from the movie. I want to make my Star Wars action figure complete, so I think I can easily consider this one.