Friday, March 22, 2013

Anakin Skywalker (POTF 1985)

This figure, like many before it, was first available from Kenner only as a mail-away. In the POTF line, however, it was put on a card with a coin. Anakin did not come with any accessories, because, well, it is a figure of a ghost. It really wouldn’t make sense to give him any accessories. This figure is one of only 15 figures that were only released on the POTF cards.
Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:
1. The only ghost you get to own from the vintage line.
2. Re-create his action-packed smiling! The slight nod to Luke!
3. Change the scene a little: Luke: “Oh, so you guys can appear here too? Well, thanks for all the help everywhere else you bastards!”
4. Another thing you can put in the Ewok Village – besides Ewoks!
5. Those stylish robes!
It is interesting - since the last change in the “Special Editions,” Hayden Christensen has replaced the previous actor as the ghostly Anakin. This change essentially means that this figure never existed. However, soon before this final Special Edition, a figure 3-pack of the Force ghosts, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda were put out in the 1990’s line.
Full story? His Wookieepedia article

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