Sunday, December 16, 2007

ROTJ Collections Catalog (1984) p.13-20

Here's the rest of the catalog. We have got some definitely cool vehicles like the Y-Wing and TIE Interceptor, and of course, the Falcon. The B-Wing is definitely cool, the Imperial Shuttle is some miracle of Kenner engineering, and then you have the kiddie stuff. However, in the last page you can sign up for the Star Wars fan club, and get your regular issue of Bantha Tracks!

It is unfortunate that an entire page of this catalog is relegated to stuffed Ewoks - most of which are only marginally different from each other. However, the Jabba Play-Doh set is cool (for you younger sibling), but definitely confusing since Jabba's palace is the more adult scene of the movies.

Why are these pages cool? Five reasons:

1. With the Y-Wing finally being produced, you can complete the Battle of Yavin!

2. The TIE Interceptor and a B-Wing? I've died and gone to heaven!

3. The Imperial Shuttle is the largest (debatable with the AT-AT) vehicle in the Star Wars arsenal. When you lower those wings, the thing is frickin' huge!

4. A Star Wars Fan Club! Not only do you get a newsletter, they send you a patch and a bunch of headshots of the cast. These are all still in my albums with my bubble gum cards.

5. A real-life lightsaber (as far as you know) and a speeder bike scout pistol that actually looked like the real thing.

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