Friday, December 14, 2007

ROTJ Collections Catalog (1984)

In honor of the holidays, and holidays gone by, I present the Return of the Jedi Collections catalog. If you got a vehicle or accessory during the Return of the Jedi period you probably got one of these. It's a nice wish list for the kid in all of us (except for maybe those plush Ewoks, *shudder*).

I'll present 6 pages a day (8 on Sunday). Five cool things about the first six pages:

1. You have a nice picture record of every figure produced up until then (79-the Power of the Force line brought it up to 93).

2. The best - carrying - case - ever. The laser rifle case! You had this and it wasn't just, oh yeah, I'm carrying my figures around. No. It was, yeah, I'm carrying my figures around, bitch!

3. The Rebo Band? I mean yes, that's cool and all, but you make a figure 3 pack for them, and you can't make one lousy cantina band member from the first movie? Priorities, man, priorities!

4. That nice picture of Jabba and court on the front. A nice cover. No joke here.

5. Look on the second page and read the text: "Featuring 14 new STAR WARS action figures from the greatest movie blockbuster of them all." Really. Now, I'm a big fan, but I'm not going to say one movie is the biggest of them all. Let's get real here people. Does my wife think this is the greatest movie of them all? No. I don't know what she thinks because women are too cryptic. Does my child think this is the greatest? No. She thinks Curious George is the greatest, and given its artistic tones and lesson of discovery-triumphing-greed she may have a point. But you, catalog, you don't ever tell me what the greatest is! I have superfluous award shows to tell me such things. Enjoy!

(For the record, I believe most, if not all, award shows should be taken off the air. Especially the Grammys - who is going to tell you what music you like, huh?)

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