Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turret & Probot Playset (ESB) (Playset of the week)

The Turret & Probot Playset is really best used in conjunction with an AT-AT...even thought this gun did squat to the AT-ATs in the movie. However, the gun is nifty because you can fit one person in the turret, and another in the top manning the gun. The Probot was also unique to this set, and sat on a perilously-balanced platform. When an adjacent dais was turned (presumably with a Chewbacca or Han figure on it), like a figure was firing, the Probot would fall down. This was not as cool as in the movie where it all but disintegrated, but it's a start.

The playset only came in an ESB box, and included the base with moving figure round, pedestal for Probot, Probot, and laser cannon turret. The name on the package changed from Turret/Probot to Turret & Probot.

Why should you get this playset? Five reasons:

1. only place you could get a Probot.

2. Only place you could get this Hoth laser turret.

3. Get an M80 and really recreate the scene where the Probot self-destructs.

4. Well, the turret didn't work on an AT-AT, but maybe it did on an AT-ST. Blow those mothers away!

5. The base of the playset doubles as Superman's Fortress of Solitude.


The turret is a DF .9 anti-infantry battery, built by Golan Arms. It can shoot 16 km, (most effective at 3) and usually required a personnel of three to operate: gunner, targeter, and powerer, I mean, power technician. It was effective against AT-STs, but very effective against ground troops.

A Probot, or probe droid, does exactly what its name implies - it probes, explores. The one that found out the Rebels on Hoth was specifially a Viper Probe Droid, built by Arakyd Industries. It had six manipulator arms and retractable sensors. Some built for the Empire also included blasters. It hovers on repulsor lifts and can travel up to 40 kph over most terrain. It is delivered to its target planet through a single-use hyperspace pod.

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