Thursday, October 23, 2008

See-Threepio (C-3PO) with removable limbs (ESB 1980-82)

So Empire Strikes Back comes along and we all give a collective “Holy Sarspirilla!” when we see that Kenner managed to actually make a variation of C-3PO. R2 was a natural – he’s always got a new appendage popping out (don’t go there) and a third leg (I said, don’t go there), but C-3PO had jack. Blow him apart though, and you’ve got a new figure!

C-3PO with removable limbs came with a backpack to put his busted ass in, presumably to be carried by your Chewbacca figure. Once the removable limb feature came out, this was the only C-3PO produced, coming out on an ESB, ROTJ, and POTF card.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Packpack? Awesome! Plus it looks like a fishnet stocking!

2. I’ve been wanting to pull the limbs off that smug C-3PO for so long…

3. The head doesn’t come off? Son-of-a, well, I still get to pull the arms off.

4. The only thing that you can accessorize with your Chewbacca.

5. It wouldn’t be an 80’s childhood without some missing action figure limbs later.


C-3PO’s tale is as old as time. No. Not really. Check out his Wookieepedia entry.

145th in alphabetical order

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