Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kea Moll (Droids 1985)

Another mohawk? What is with the Droids series and mohawks? I would think if droids could have hair than C-3PO and R2 would have had mohawks during this series too. Kea Moll was the only woman figure produced during the Droids run. She came with a blaster pistol that was ubiquitous during the ESB figure run – Lando had it, Bespin Security figures had it, etc. Even another Droids figure had it. While nice looking on screen, her looks did not translate well to the figure and she looks rather, hmm, how shall I say? Butch. She also has a rather thicker neck and a horrible green sash molded on – but I am no fashion critic.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Why? Eh. She’s only one of twelve in the line, so why not?

2. A bit of a mascot for women who play for the other team, if you get my drift.

3. With two different shades of green, she can be an Irish mascot too.

4. The only Star Wars figure ever produced that had hair that hung down (except for Weequay’s braid).

5. Another punk rocker figure. Although it’s a little hard to swallow now.


Kea Moll was a native to the planet Annoo, and a resistance fighter to the Empire and gangs. When she was tasked with finding a new weapons satellite built by the Fromm gang, she discovered its hiding place, and helped Thall Joben and Jord Dusat escape getting killed at the same time. She eventually helped destroy the satellite, and get the two speeder racers to the Boonta race. She continued following them to gain access to information from manufacturers loyal to the Empire. She later formally joined the Rebellion and helped found the New Republic Intelligence.

Want more? Her Wookieepedia article

88th in alphabetical order


Jared is Leader said...

Why is the alien standing behind her and 3p0 on the card decapitated?

Ben said...

That was the style on her planet - she just wasn't fashionable.

Anonymous said...

Well, no head is probably better than a head like Kea Moll.