Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lando Calrissian (General Pilot) (POTF 1985)

Lando was always one for the glamour, so again, even in a different form, Lando has a cape. What makes cape-wearing acceptable in the Star Wars universe I’ll never know, but Lando can pull it off. After his “little maneuver” at the Battle of Taanab, Lando was given the rank of General in the Rebellion Navy, and thus a new Lando figure is born.

Lando keeps a cape, but it’s grey this time, and his now-side arm is a blaster similar to the one that came with Jedi Luke (which he Force-pulled off someone in Jabba’s entourage). General Lando only came on a POTF card, making him much rarer than any Lando before or since. The figure is failry accurate, except for the fact his shirt is brown in the movie, and on the figure it’s kind of grey-wanting-to-be-olive-drab.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Because, damn, Lando is a smooth operator.

2. Power of the Force fever – catch it. Own it.

3. It just ain’t an Ewok party without General Lando groovin’ it.

4. Finally, someone to pilot my Falcon besides the same old Han.

5. You’ve got to give him props for the cape.


His “maneuver at the Battle of Taanab” occurred five months after the end of the first movie. While in a cantina on Tanaab, news came of another raid by pirates. Lando boasted to the clientele that he could defeat the pirates single-handedly. He then took his ship, hid in the ice rings of one of the moons. When the pirates came close, he ejected a cargo-load full of electrified Connor nets, which disabled most of the ships. He then used his tractor beams to bash ice against the ships. He then rallied the Taanab’s to victory.

Want more? His Wookieepedia article

95th in alphabetical order

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