Sunday, December 19, 2010

Creature Cantina Action Playset (SW)

Back from when parents didn’t think twice about giving you any “toy” comes this monument to alcoholism. Yes, you get to play with a bar. Oh, did I forget to mention there are people smoking there too?

While this one didn’t come with any figures, you have plenty of cantina aliens to choose from to populate it with. The playset came with a molded plastic base with foot pegs and rotating stands to re-enact scenes like shooting Greedo first, and the showdown between Obi-Wan and Walrus Man. The base also had the “bar” and the table where Han and Chewbacca sat. A slot running along the back of the base let you insert the paper background into it, and the plastic hinged doors at the entrance. This only came in a Star Wars box, which is no surprise since it couldn't have been very popular for long.

Why should you get this playset? Five reasons:

1. It’s a playset of a bar. What were your parents thinking getting you that?

2. That Walrus Man you have with the arm that fell off? Now you have a place for him.

3. Re-create the exciting price negotiations for passage to Alderaan!

4. Something to proudly display your shot glass collection on.

5. See those pictures of the Cantina Band on the background? This is the closest you'll get to having figures of those in the original line.


Chalmun’s Cantina was run by the Wookiee Chalmun. The day bartender was Wuher (seen in the movie) and the night shift bartender was Ackmena (played by Bea Arthur in the Holiday Special). The bar was originally constructed by a Tatooine pioneer as protection against Sandpeople. It was later used as an armory, flophouse, monastery, and spice den before becoming a bar. It was still in use at least 20 years after the destruction of Death Star II.

Full story? Wookieepedia article

35th in alphabetical order


ClankTheRobot said...

at least Star Wars was cool and the cantina scene was about Kenner recycling the base for this in the Butch Cassidy line? another inappropriate bar set

Ben said...

Nice catch - I did not know that!