Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Desert Sail Skiff Vehicle (ROTJ)

Making a dive into the collection of mini-rigs we pull out...the Desert Sand Skiff. Not to be confused by the Tatooine Skiff that came out later in the POTF line, or Jabba's Sand Barge, which never came out at all. The Desert Sand Skiff was another attempt to not only extend the toy line (even though they had a lot more vehicles to make) but bring in another vehicle that was more cheaply priced. After all, you can only play with figures for so long before you want them to ride or fly in something.

The Skiff comes with a nice sun-ablating canopy (like Jabba's Sand Barge), two adjustable rudder fins (like the Tatooine Skiff), a pull-out gangplank (like the other Skiff), and a waist-high blaster. As you can see from the pictures on the box, we are suppose to believe that Jabba had some of these in service, and his crew, and a certain hired bounty hunter, employed them. Hey, it's just a toy - believe what you want!

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. You were too damn cheap to get the full-size skiff.

2. The full-size skiff hadn't actually come out yet - maybe you weren't cheap.

3. Boba Fett used it...according to the box. That's all the endorsement you need! He also says it comes with rich, Corinthian leather!

4. What parent wouldn't get a toy for their children that encourages marching figures to their death off a gangplank?

5. A nice sandbox toy - until you figure out how hard sand is to get out of everything.


The Skiff was another mini-rig that Kenner pretty much made up for a smaller version of a popular vehicle that a lot of kids could still afford. However, it did make an appearance as the Desert Sail-20 Skiff (manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries) in the animated series, Droids.

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45th in alphabetical order

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