Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jord Dusat (Droids 1985)

That funky mohawk means it must be Jord Dusat…or one of the other three figures with mohawks in the Droids line. What’s up with that? Like Jann Tosh’s weapon, Kenner again went back to the ESB well for Jord’s accessory – in this case the same gun that came with Zuckuss (now 4-LOM). Also, like all the other figures from Droids, he came with a gold coin and his own card front, but the card back on all of them were the same.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. The closest Star Wars has come to an action figure of Randy from My Name is Earl.

2. With that Mohawk, he is the Star Wars mascot to all punk rockers.

3. His speeder looked suspiciously like a Colonial Viper. Enough reason to get the figure, eh?

4. Only twelve figures in the line, might as well get them all.

5. That blue and purple color scheme? The best figure for the color blind.


Jord Dusat was a speeder racer and designer from Ingo who, along with his friend Thall Joben, found the droids while out testing their speeder. He decided to keep the droids, who had just been dumped by their previous master, since his new speeder required an astromech droid. Jord and the droids became involved with an agent, Kea Moll, and her attempt to find a weapons satellite being built by the Fromm gang to eliminate all the other gangs. The good guys succeeded, and Jord went on to a probable job with the Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation.

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87th in alphabetical order

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