Saturday, February 19, 2011

Logray: Ewok Medicine Man (Ewoks 1985)

Logray has the distinction of being only one of two actual Ewoks produced in the animated Ewoks line of figures. More were scheduled for the second wave, but it fizzled out before that happened. If you want to see what figures would have been produced in the second wave, there are pictures in Steve Sansweet’s book, Star Wars: the Action Figure Archive.

This version of Logray is so far removed from the movie version it’s laughable. In the cartoon he looks like a wise sage, complete with a long beard. In ROTJ he has the outfittings of a medicine man, but doesn’t look that far removed from the rest of the Ewoks. He comes with a plainer staff too (it looks more like a dreamcatcher), not the funkified one the ROTJ figure comes with, nor the satchel of removable headdress. In fact, the only thing the same between the two figures is the headdress, but on this one it’s not removable.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. With only six figures, it’s pretty easy to collect this whole line (yes, I reused this one - again).

2. That twitchy left eye? Keep him close to keep a watch on him.

3. Could be substituted for a cheap Native American souvenir. Well, it would have to be a pretty corny one too.

4. The only Ewok you’ll ever own that wears blue.

5. Someone’s got to protect the village from “evil spirits,” as Logray calls virgins.


Logray’s backstory is the same as the ROTJ figure.
Want more? His Wookieepedia article

103rd in alphabetical order

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