Saturday, May 4, 2013

Endor Forest Ranger Vehicle (ROTJ)

Another four mini-rigs were produced for the Return of the Jedi line, the Ranger being one of them. None of the rigs actually appeared in any form in the movies, but it can be said that they exist “in the Star Wars universe.”

The Ranger had two forward mounted guns, a round cockpit for one figure, and two sideways-firing guns (well, not really firing). It was kind of a unique vehicle (as were many of the mini-rigs), with a round cockpit and large side guns. It only came in a ROTJ box.

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:
1. The big, oversized guns!

2. Only the cool guys patrol Endor in a Forest Ranger – not one of those wimpy Speeder Bikes.

3. The only SUV on Endor.

4. “Ranger” is always a cool-sounding name. Unless, of course, its attached to a car.

5. With its shape and color, could double as a G.I. Joe vehicle. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that Hasbro re-used it in their G.I. Joe line (I have not looked this up).


There really isn’t one. The Ranger does not appear in any of the Star Wars Expanded Universe works. It does not appear in the films. There is no manufacturer listed. Also, why does it need such big guns when the Empire has already been kicked off Endor? You can see the Wookieepedia article doesn't have much more.

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