Friday, May 10, 2013

FX-7 (Medical Droid) (ESB 1980-82)

Many of my SW toys first came from garage sales that my dad had stopped at. My first brush with an FX-7 figure came in such a way. Thus, I had no f@#*ing idea what it was. I figured it was Star Wars because it came with a bunch of other Star Wars things, but it was only later looking at some card's back that I figured it out. It comes on an ESB and a ROTJ card.

FX-7 is another one of those now-you-see-me-now-you-don't characters from the movies. Along with 2-1B, it helped Luke recover from his Wampa encounter on Hoth.

Why should you care? My five reasons:

1. You are cooler than everyone else because you don't follow the crowd. You only had so much money for a figure, but you didn't get one of those Han in Hoth gears clogging up the racks, you got an FX-7!

2. There are at least 8 arms on the thing! This isn't your humanoid C-3PO, this is like mecha-octopus.

3. Everyone of those 8 arms can move. The grasping arm rotates, the other seven can, um, pop out. Well they still move damnit! Anyone who ever had this figure and played with it a lot can attest that getting those arms back in place after a while can be a real bitch.

4. This is a fairly accurate representation of a character that had very little screen time. The head even rotates.

5. There is no other way you can complete your homage to Bacta tanks and Wampa injuries without an FX-7.


At the time of Empires Strikes Back, FX-7 was slightly dated but still a good medical droid. He (yes, apparently it is a he) had worked with 2-1B for over a year, but 2-1B was still his superior. They both escaped on one of the last rebel ships to leave the Hoth system.

A look at the photo on the front of the card shows the detail that went into this droid prop, especially considering his little screen time. The real prop had a lot more arms than the figure, but hey, how much can you accomplish with small pieces of plastic?

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