Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ewok Combat Glider (ROTJ)

Those nutty Ewoks! First, they have an obnoxious amount of traps ready for all the AT-STs (which the one driven by Chewbacca seems to avoid), then they have flying contraptions. All this for a bunch of primitive furballs.

The Ewok Combat Glider lets you attach your favorite Ewok (or similarly-sized figure) to a hang glider-like thing that was somehow light enough to carry two small boulders and a passenger.

Why should you own this…vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Like the Catapult, you can’t resist that it comes with two balls.

2. If you’re an Ewok fan, you have to get it.

3. If you’re not, get it as proof of the ineffectual nature of the Ewoks. Did this really help them?

4. All the good Star Wars vehicles were sold out.

5. This was on a clearance rack.


It’s remarkable that the Ewoks mastered flight at their stage in cultural advancement, yet somehow they did. The Ewok Hang Glider (as other sources refer to it) was simply skins of various animals tanned to a tight and light leather, supported by a framework of strong but light wood.

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