Sunday, February 24, 2008

Warok (POTF 1985)

Oh good gravy there are a lot of Ewok figures! Within the next four days I’ll finally have gotten through the last of them from the original line. Warok is simply another one of our fine furred friends, and he comes with a bow, a quiver slung over his shoulder, and a removable cowl. He only came on a POTF card with a coin, so he is still rarer and more collectible than some other more likable characters.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. One of the few coin figures, he’s simply more collectible.

2. No one can help hijack an AT-ST like Warok.

3. His name sounds like a He-Man figure or something. Hey, just saying.

4. Wow! A bow! A quiver! I’m an archer, so I must have this! (Disclaimer: I am not an archer.)

5. You have to populate that Ewok village with somebody.


Warok was on of the two Ewoks that helped Chewbacca hijack an AT-ST. He was also father to Teebo (tomorrow’s figure, and featured in the Ewoks cartoon). Supposedly he was also one of the tribe’s best Glider pilots.

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