Monday, February 4, 2008

Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler (SW)

Now, when it comes to detail and proportions, Kenner got it right on this Sandcrawler. The detailing is very, very close to the original prop, even if the scale was off. If you were to make a Sandcrawler truly to scale with the figures, it would probably have to be at least 6 feet high and who knows how long.

Now, being the late 70’s, many of us can already guess how this remote control worked. No, it wasn’t sonic controlled like the special Landspeeder, but it was one of those one-button remotes. The Sandcrawler went forward in a straight line until you pushed the button, then it reversed in a curve. It was simple and effective. Th remoted just looked like a brown wand with some stickers.

You could put figures in the “cockpit” (Jawas, I’m sure), and in the main bay, which opened with a panel with stairs. There was also a manual elevator you could put figures in and push them up to the main cargo area (like R2 getting sucked up in the movie).

Why should own this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Holy Hell, man - it’s one of only two Star Wars Kenner vehicles that were remote control. Get it!

2. As far as Sandcrawlers go, this is the best one. It helps that the other one is only a cardboard background.

3. Recreate the Jawa/stormtrooper misunderstanding. Or slaughter if that term fits better.

4. Hmm, I want a Star Wars thing with an elevator, but I can only have the Death Star Playset or this. What to choose, what to choose…

5. Scare the dog! Scare the baby!


Jawa Sandcrawlers were basically ore carriers abandoned by settlers after the mining proved to costly and inefficient. The Jawas adapted them for their own use and travel the Tatooine deserts looking for usable junk, spare parts, and other debris left behind by colonists or knocked out of orbit.

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