Friday, June 13, 2008

AT-AT Commander (ESB 1980-82)

This figure was originally going to be named General Veers (this is the Commander we see in the film) but was probably changed at the last moment so it could be any AT-AT Commander. It comes with the same blaster as many of the ESB figures, Lando, Lobot, etc. the commander also came on both ESB and ROTJ cards.

In keeping with Kenner’s vintage line policy to not package figures with vehicles, this figure was not packaged with a vehicle. Instead, if you shelled out all that money for an AT-AT, you still had to put out the money for the Commander…and the Driver. When the line began again in the 90’s, both the Commander and Driver came with the AT-AT.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. A small step in convincing your parents to get that hulking AT-AT.

2. At least it was a step to convincing them to get the AT-AT Driver too.

3. This guy is a general and an AT-AT Commander – he does it all!

4. Relive that riveting moment where he blows up the shield generator!

5. Relive that moment where the Drivers look at each other and roll their eyes because Veers just hogged all their glory.


The Commander figure was based on General Maximilian Veers, an officer that rose through the ranks through lucky (and unlucky) battles and the fact that many high-ranking officials died on the first Death Star. Through twists of fate he survived almost being blown up on the first Death Star, was on-planet when the second Death Star and Super Star Destroyer Executor were destroyed. He barely survived a head-on collision with a Snowspeeder and his AT-AT on Hoth, losing both of his legs in the process. After the Battle of Endor, he wandered from post to post until he was demoted due to resentment over his ties to Vader. He was then sent on a suicide mission by a Dark Sider close to the Emperor and killed. Wookieepedia article

13th in alphabetical order

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