Monday, June 16, 2008

AT-ST Driver (ROTJ 1983-4)

This is 16th in alphabetical order instead of the AT-ST, because - officially - the toy was called the Scout Walker and not AT-ST, so it will be appearing farther down the list.

The AT-ST Driver was a figure very true to the character from the film (ROTJ). It came with a blaster pistol, the same one as the B-Wing Pilot. There must have been some driver/pilot conference where they picked them all up. The Driver was released on both an ROTJ and POTF card, with the POTF card naturally being rarer. Both cards featured a picture of the AT-ST, and not the actual Driver.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. Owning it meant hope that you would get a Scout Walker (AT-ST) if you didn’t already have one.

2. Owning a Scout Walker mandated that you get this figure.

3. Chewbacca and two little Ewoks need someone to beat on.

4. The AT-AT Drivers need someone to beat on.

5. Despite the character’s wimpiness, the figure was spot-on when it came to its detail.


AT-ST Drivers wore very light armor compared to their AT-AT counterpart. Funny, considering the AT-AT was already more armored than an AT-ST. They carried standard equipment, such as a blaster, rifle, grenades, thermal detonators, flares, comlinks, and spare ammo. The helmets and goggles were also standard, but many chose not to wear the goggles.

Interesting side note: ROTJ’s director, Richard Marquand, was one of the AT-ST Drivers beaten down by Chewbacca and the Ewoks.

Wookieepedia article on the AT-ST

16th in alphabetical order

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