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Bib Fortuna (ROTJ 1983-4)

You have to give props to Kenner on this figure. Despite something as awkward as twin head tails, they still managed to make them into the figure and not just a detail – they actually stick out his head. Like General Madine, he comes with a “battle staff,” even though this is not the same staff as Madine has. Both staff seem largely ceremonial, and this one does not appear in the film either. He also came with a tan felt cloak, and legs that “scissored” much like the Emperor’s and Obi-Wan’s. Bib only came out on an ROTJ card. Mexico’s Lili Ledy distributor came out with a red-caped Bib Fortuna, but these are quite rare and often faked.

Why should you get this figure? Five reasons:

1. Those wrapping head tails. C’mon, who has those?

2. That velvety cloak, it just feels, oh, so good.

3. Having this figure held out hope that your parents would get Jabba. Well, a little hope.

4. Use it to practice your broken English (or Basic as they call it in the SW universe): “Jabba no barga.”

5. Cut off the head tails and the figure can double as any pasty-faced vampire you want.


Bib Fortuna was cast out of his society (home planet Ryloth) after being caught smuggling a spice from the planet. After an unsuccessful job at Kuat Drive Yards, eh fell in working for Jabba the Hutt, smuggling, then advising him. After his present of a rancor monster to Jabba, he was elevated to majordomo to Jabba. Throughout the years in service to Jabba he tried many times to kill his master, but each attempt failed.

Bib managed to escape on a skiff right before Luke and the gang blew up Jabba’s Sand Barge, and made his way back to the palace. He fought over what was left of Jabba’s estate, apparently winning, but then taken by B’Omarr Monks who took out his brain and placed it in one of their spider-like cyborgs.

Six months after the Battle of Endor, Bib lured an associate of his to Tatooine to recover some weapons caches. After his associate’s betrayal, Bib convinced the Monks to put his brain into his friend’s body, and he began rebuilding his own little empire.

Want the full story? His Wookieepedia article

23rd in alphabetical order

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