Monday, February 8, 2010

Imperial Shuttle Vehicle (ROTJ)

Do you want an obnoxiously big Star Wars vehicle, but have just been wondering which one to get? Look no further, brother, it is here – the Imperial Shuttle! This thing, as far as Star Wars vehicles go, is massive. It can sit on retractable landing gear (except for the middle one which is a trigger to fold down the wings) with the wings up, or you can “fly” it with the wings down. Once the wings are down it looks like a bald eagle in flight – big.

It sports 2 double guns in front and rear, and 2 more double guns on the wings. The cockpit opens to seat two figures, and the cargo hatch can open to put more figures into. A landing ramp also can be extended from the cargo space for something like the Emperor’s grand entrance, like in ROTJ. It also makes electronic sounds for when you blast away at something – even though shots were never fired from this in the movie.

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. The thing is frickin’ huge! It’s a monster!

2. Recreate both Imperial scenes and Rebel ones.

3. The third landing gear that holds like a pistol grip is rather nifty.

4. Definitely a vehicle your little brother can’t lift up.

5. Best…cubicle…toy…ever. Too bad you don’t have room for a computer now.


The Lambda-class T-4a shuttle was built by Sienar Fleet Systems and Cygnus Spaceworks (one might have stolen designers from the other) and was a common utility craft in use in the Imperial military. It was used to ferry cargo and troops. It had a crew of six, and could carry 20 soldiers in the cargo bay or 80 tons of materials. For weapons it had 3 double blaster cannons (one in back) and 2 double laser cannons (mounted on the wings). Some Imperial officials (notably Vader and the Emperor) converted the cargo spaces for personal use. This is also notably the type of ship that ferried the Rebel soldiers that blew up the Endor shield generator.

Want more? Full Wookieepedia article.

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Jared is Leader said...

It's probably one of the most screen accurate toys of the vintage line. Maybe even the most screen accurate. <3

Wal Goldstein said...

Hola! So I have a question that is nagging me and I cant seem to find an answer via google. Hopefully you'll be able to shed some light on this for me. So I purchased the Shuttle from a vintage toy store recently and somethings just dont seem right. My Shuttle does indeed have the "1984 Kenner" stamp on the underside and looks to be vintage. Whats odd is that some of the plastic has been colored differently than the rest of the ship. Apparently on newer versions this is 'weathering'. Its primarily on the base, below the wings, and on one panel of the cockpit nose. Most images ive seen show the ship being a solid Kenner grey but mine does not show that. Were some 1984 releases done solid and some with discoloring? Hoping you can shed some light on this because its got me waaay confused. Thanks mang!

Ben said...

I haven;t seen weathering effects for this in the vintage line. I'm guessing someone swapped in some parts - maybe they made a new version using the same mold so the new parts fit on the old?

Wal Goldstein said...

Yeah I thought that as well though about 70% of the discoloring is on the base with the copyright stamp and product number. Thanks though! Force is strong with AFotD!!!

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