Saturday, July 21, 2012

Darth Vader [1995, POTF2]

...With Lightsaber and Removable Cape!

Pardon the exclamation marks on all of these, but they are on the package so what can I do?

Darth Vader is certainly a more robust figure than the original series. While his height has not been improved to be more to scale with the rest of the figures, he certainly seems more muscular (despite wearing a survival suit). Muscular was the trend with this new batch, though.

Like the Luke and Ben figures, Darth was originally packaged with a longer saber at first, which shrunk in later shipments when Kenner said "OMG! Look at the size of that thing!" The bio card on the back gives a fleeting mention to a confrontation with Obi-Wan, but no mention of Darth's exact injuries. However, I swear there was an earlier card that mentioned a "molten pit," but I can't seem to find mention of it anywhere. Maybe just my imagination.

Five reasons you should get this figure:
1. Dark Lord of the Sith! Hell yes you're getting this figure!

2. Last words on the bio card are "down the thermal exhaust port." Oh, yeah.

3. There's no Darth TIE fighter on the back of this card, but you know it's a-comin!

4. Fight Luke! Fight Obi-Wan! Fight fashion!

5. Obi-Wan needs a comeuppance, what with all the limb-slashing and whatnot.


Pretty well played out in the prequel trilogy, comics, books, video games, comic strips, yeah. To read his entire story, check out the Wookieepedia entry.

#5 in the POTF2 line.

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