Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jawas [1995, POTF2]


Finally, Kenner recognizes that we feel screwed when it comes to tiny figures (remember how small the vintage Jawa was?) and gives us a 2-pack! Not only that, but their eyes glow (if you put them under a light source - much like POTF2 R2-D2's "light pipe" feature worked. Bothe the little runts come with the same blasters they used on R2 in the movie - good for knocking out droids.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Two-for-one! A first in Kenner history! Pinch me! Ouch!

2. Glowing eyes! Does it work with lasers...ah! I'm blind!

3. Recreate the implausible scenario where Jawas just happen to have a perfect weapon for disabling a droid in the middle of the desert. How many random droids show up there anyway?

4. The last time I felt like I was getting this much for my money was when I got that Cobra figure from G.I. Joe and it came with a big rocket launcher.

5. A reason to use your figures in the sandbox - instant Tatooine!

Backstory:Jawas are desert dwellers on the planet Tatooine, scavengers that use abandoned mining vehicles are their mobile transports and living places (sandcrawlers). For their full story, check out their Wookieepedia entry.

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