Saturday, July 28, 2012

Han Solo in Hoth Gear [1995, POTF2]

...With Blaster Pistol and Assault Rifle!

Han in Hoth Gear is still pretty muscular, and he still includes an out-of-nowhere assault rifle, but at least this figure's colors are closer to the movie than the old figure (although many people still seem to debate the exact color of his uniform).

This figure is hood-down, but with head-wrap/visor/cap still on. Since then we've seen every iteration of down/up for this figure as possible. He is in a more "action" pose as well, rather than the straight-laced old figures.

Five reasons you should get this figure:

1. Hood-down! Totally different (eye-roll).

2. Assault rifle to snuggle with on those cold Hot nights.

3. A little powdered sugar, and it will look almost just like the photo on the card.

4. "Assault rifle" has an exclamation point! Can't think! Must get! Why am I shouting!

5. Han - covered up, but still smooth with the ladies.


Bio card has brief intro, and a bit about Empire Strikes Back to help explain the Hoth outfit. For his full entry, go to Wookieepedia.

#7 in the POTF2 line

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Bill said...

What's the story with Han's legs on this figure? Did I miss some change to the Star Wars saga where Bob Cratchit was found to be his father?