Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ewok Assault Catapult Accessory (ROTJ)

One of several Ewok toys produced, but not as satisfying as playing with a real catapult. Seen in the movie, but proves pretty useless against heavy artillery. Against ground troops, however, they seem to do just fine. It only came in an ROTJ box, and even though it wasn’t actually produced for the Ewoks line, it is featured on the back of the cartoon figures.
Why should you own this accessory? Five reasons:
1. Just add a good spring somewhere, then you can do some real catapult action.
2. Re-enact hitting AT-STs and merely pissing them off.
3. Have a contest - which is more effective: the catapult against AT-STs or the Radar Laser Cannon against AT-ATs?
4. Ewok catapult! No, really – catapult an Ewok.
5. Comes with two balls. Yeah, you heard me right.
The development of the Ewok Catapult goes back to the thinktank labs of the Bright Tree Village braintrust…no, I’m just kidding. It’s just a catapult – the Ewoks must have developed it sometime in their history. It is featured both in the movie and the cartoon.
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55th in alphabetical order

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