Thursday, October 25, 2012

Han Solo (in Trench Coat) (ROTJ 1983-84)

So they get to Endor and Luke and Leia get ponchos (yeah, Luke, just try to pick up chicks in that thing) and Han gets a trench coat and doesn’t have to wear a helmet! Luke, who is a Jedi Knight at this point mind you, wears a helmet. Han – he’s too cool for that. Leia, well, she’s a girl.
Han comes with a slightly modified head this time, his standard blaster pistol, and, well, a trench coat. The coat comes in two versions, one with a plain collar and one camouflaged like the rest of the coat. Underneath Han is wearing a similar outfit (but not the same!) to what he wore in the first movie. Dude, get a change of clothes. The figure came on ROTJ and POTF cards.
Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:
1. Hey, it’s Han.
2. Trench coat! I haven’t been this excited since the Barbie with the sun hat came out!
3. Blends into any planter.
4. Goes great on the Ewok Village BBQ spit.
5. Too cool for you. Sorry, now you can’t have him.
Han’s just trying to blend in. For his full backstory, see the Wookieepedia article.
69th in alphabetical order

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Taylor Lymbery said...

Out of all of the Han Solo action figures from Kenner, I think I like this one best. The fact that he has that sweet coat is enough of a selling feature!