Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Imperial Dignitary (POTF 1985)

The Imperial Dignitary is one of the most versatile, exciting, action-filled, oh, I'm just kidding. The Imperial Dignitary is a pretty tame (or is that lame?) figure, and really only serves to highlight the Empire's tastes for shades of purple. What kid wants to practice Imperial diplomacy that doesn't involve a Stormtrooper's gun?
This figure was only released on a Power of the Force card with a coin. Since it was a POTF card, as boring as the figure is, it makes it rare and valuable. The Dignitary didn't come with any accessories, except a flair for diplomacy.
Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:
1. This is the closest Catholic Star Wars fans can come to an action figure dressed like the Pope.
2. This is the closest showbizzy Star Wars fans can come to an action figure dressed like Liberace.
3. Put this on your shelf and your friends can marvel and say, "What the f*** is that?"
4. That Imperial Shuttle needs some filler figures.
5. Re-enact all his lines from the movie "..." and "..."
The Imperial Dignitary figure was based on Sim Aloo, an advisor to the Emperor and a member of the Imperial Inner Circle. When the second Death Star blew up, so did he. That's it, the end

Want more? Sim Aloo's article on Wookieepedia

74th in alphabetical order

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