Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4-LOM (ESB 1980-82)

Another bounty hunter! Although they got very little screen time in ESB, bounty hunters are just so damn popular. So popular, that in later years (after the original Kenner line) Hasbro came out with a full bounty hunter pack, even though Boba Fett is really the only one of consequence in the original films.

4-LOM and Zuckuss got their names mixed around in the original line - this has since been corrected in later lines. The one pictured here is actually Zuckuss, an alien. 4-LOM, as it sounds, is actually the name of the droid.

This figure came with a unique blaster, and on an ESB and ROTJ card. His "robe" is made of a leathery material that is unlike anything found on other figures. Over that is a vest/backpack combo which is part of the alien's survival suit.

Why should you own this figure? Five reasons:

1. How often do you get the chance to own an actual bug-eyed alien?

2. That pleather robe makes me...feel kinda funny.

3. Two words: Bounty. Hunter.

4. Give it up for the shortest bounty hunter out there (excepting the late Boussh).

5. You have to feel sorry for the guy - they got his name wrong.


Zuckuss (as I will correctly call him) was a "findsman" and a native ammonia-breathing Gand. After the arrival of the Empire to his home planet he went off-world and found work as a bounty hunter due to his uncanny ability to find people (he was partially Force-sensitive). He was often forced to wear a containment suit while working in oxygen-based atmospheres, such as Vader's ship. He also was a schizophrenic with multiple-personality disorder, each personality able to speak a different dialect entirely.

Zuckuss eventually teamed with the droid 4-LOM, and they enjoyed a successful hunting career. During the Battle of Hoth, they rescued some Rebels in an attempt to infiltrate the Rebellion and gain access to Han Solo. Zuckuss, however, was in critical shape due to a previous lung injury. The Rebels befriended him, game him new lungs, and he an 4-LOM joined the Rebellion for a time. He later went back to bounty hunting, and eventually landed in a Coruscant jail.

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