Friday, July 11, 2008

Death Squad / Star Destroyer Commander (SW 1978-79)

Going back again to the original "line of 12" today, we take a look at the Death Squad Commander. This fig came out on cardbacks for all three movies. Soon after being released on the ESB card, his name was changed to Star Destroyer Commander, mainly due to comparions with Nazi Germany "death squads." However, this did not stop Kenner or George Lucas from ever changing the name of the "stormtroopers."

The person on the cardback has a gray uniform, but most of these type of characters in the film had black uniforms. This fact was changed for the re-release of this character in the 1990's line. He includes a standard blaster (must be Imperial issue since the stormtroopers came with it, of course Hammerhead came with it too. Hmm.)

Why should you get this figure? My five reasons:

1. Two words: army builder. You know, one of those characters there were a lot of in the film. Get 20 and line them down the halls of your custom-bult Death Star interior (built in your mom's basement) or the Kenner Death Star Playset.

2. That helmet. If you look in the photos, the helmet slopes down like one of those fancy bike helmets. However, the figure seems to have a half-sphere on his head. Perfect for creating your Spaceballs army.

3. That uniform. Chicks dig uniforms. You could also modify this figure to be in most any situation that calls for someone with a uniform.

4. He has a blaster - a common one. If you ever lose it on another figure, you can easily replace it with this one or take one from another figure. Sorry, Hammerhead.

5. How else are you going to observe the chain of command on your Star Destroyer or Death Star Playset? Death Star gunners aren't going to order themselves to fire that turbolaser.


Not much backstory to this guy, just another cog in the Imperial machine. Just one in a million Imperials. Literally. Since that is about how many died in the first Death Star explosion.

Want more? Wookieepedia article on Star Wars Commanders

41st in alphabetical order

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derspiess said...

My older brother and I have a running inside joke going back about 30 or so years related to this guy. My bro had bought Death Squad Commander as we were building up our collection. My friends, who were usually a step or two behind us, were really impressed when I brought him over for the first time: they were so excited that they butchered his name, calling him "Hisquad Manders". That name apparently stuck, and from that point forward that was what they called him.

Ever since then, my brother and I have referred to that name in a multitude of ways-- calling each other "Hisqaud", calling ourselves or other people that name, using it for restaurant wait lists, etc. Always confuses the hell out of everyone, even after we try to explain it.