Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ewok Battle Wagon Vehicle (POTF)

The original Power of the force line produced some of the rarest Star Wars collectibles on the planet, including…an Ewok Battle Wagon? While it was never seen in ROTJ, it was featured prominently in at least one episode of Ewoks (although not with all the features). This vehicle was only released in POTF packaging.

The features of the Battle Wagon included:

- A front-lowering ramp

- Battering ram

- Ladder

- Large animal skull on top for a protective “cockpit”

- Portable jail for (pictured) stormtroopers and bad guys

- Wheels

Why should you own this vehicle? Five reasons:

1. Despite it being Ewok, it is the coolest Ewok thing you’ll ever own.

2. The POTF packaging says it all: rare, rare, rare.

3. The best proof that Ewoks are badasses – they killed something with a skull that size

4. One of the few wheeled vehicles in the whole Star Wars universe. That means you don’t have to keep holding it to simulate floating. That is soooooo tiring.

5. Could be substituted as some middle-ages device.


Built by one of Wicket’s ancestors, the Battle Wagon helped the Ewoks gain dominance over the Duloks and win their “civil” war. Wicket rediscovered it neglected in the forest, the Duloks captured it, it was soon recaptured by the Ewoks, and they again thwarted the Duloks. Some people have speculated about the “Bantha” skull on top, but Banthas are native to Tatooine, not Endor, plus it only vaguely resembles a Bantha. The Wagon was also re-used as a toy in the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves line (see here at Recycling of the Force).

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