Friday, July 4, 2008

Cloud City Playset (ESB)

Cloud City was another one of the Sears exclusives (see Rebel Command Adventure Set, Cantina Adventure Set, and The Jabba the Hutt Dungeon) and, like the other playsets, a very cheap toy. Cheap as in quality. The playset was nothing more than a 3-D backdrop with depictions of Han’s torture chair, a Cloud City-scape, and the Carbonite chamber. It came with four figures, Bespin Han, Dengar, Ugnaught, and Lobot. By the way, Dengar was never shown in Cloud City. There were also plastic pegs to insert into the set so figures could be held in place.

Why should you get this set? Five reasons:

1. God knows you need more cardboard crap.

2. The only time you’ll get your Carbonite chamber. Take that, cocky Han Solo!

3. Finally, something for your Ugnaughts to do.

4. Another four figures in one shot!

5. Spring-load the base of the Carbonite chamber so you can make Bespin Luke shoot out. Yeah, that’s not a big waste of your time or anything.


Cloud City was built by the Incom Corporation about 2,000 years before the first SW movie took place. It was primarily built for the refining of Tibanna gas which was in abundance on Bespin, and was used in hyperdrive engines.

Cloud City has 392 levels, with factories, luxury casinos and hotels, the refineries, housing, local government offices, and the many repulsorlifts that keep the City aloft. The City has passed hands many, many times, during the Clone Wars, during a Sabacc game (where Lando won it), during the time of the Empire and later on.

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