Thursday, August 2, 2012

Luke Skywalker in DAGOBAH FATIGUES [1995, POTF2]

...With Lightsaber and Blaster Pistol!

While he have dispensed with the ridiculously big guns with this Luke figure, we are still sportin' some other guns, if you know what I mean (muscles, if you don't).

It is interesting that Kenner chose to make a Luke in Dagobah fatigues in the undershirt and pants, rather than the "Bespin" Luke of the vintage line. I suppose to differentiate it a little more. No Yoda backpack included though. His bio card covers the events of ESB, including losing his hand and learning about his father. Later we do get a Bespin Luke with...take a deep breath...REMOVABLE HAND! But not this one.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. Comes with Yoda backpack, wait, no, damnit!

2. Luke's sportin' those Dagobah biceps from Yoda's gym.

3. If you're a brown-lover, this figure has your name written on it.

4. Gives hope that the Dagobah POTF2 playset will come. [Didn't]

5. Tandem! Blaster! Saber! Saber! Blaster! Against...swamp life!


Well, the ESB part is on the back of the card (zoom for a closer look), but Luke's full bio (quite exhaustive) is on Wookieepedia right here.

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