Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nien Nunb [POTF2]


When we see Nien in ROTJ, he's doing co-pilot duties on the Falcon. Why would he need two guns, one of which is as large as him? Well, probably because he's not a very exciting figure. But, he's got Han's blaster and some freakishly large gun for him.

Detail on this figure is decent, and a little above the vintage version.

Five reasons to get this figure:

1. So you can always remember that moment when you realized Lando somehow understands this guy's language.

2. In case you lose the blaster that came with your Han Solo.

3. For an authentic addition to your Millennium Falcon. To make his time on it more authentic rip the radar dish off.

4. So red- makes a nice little fire department mascot.

5. Blends in with all those little mouse figures your mom has on display.


Nien worked for the SoruSuub corporation until they joined with the Empire, then he began stealing and smuggling from them. He eventually hooked up with Lando, who later brought him into the Rebellion riding shotgun in the Falcon while making the run on the second Death Star. His home planet is Sullust, and he has one sister named Aril. Lando later had him running spice operations on Kessel.

In ROTJ, he was actually a puppet, and not a small person in a costume. That's why he was so articulated. He was voiced by a student from Kenya who just used his native language of Haya.

His full Wookieepedia entry

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