Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Momaw Nadon "Hammerhead" [1995, POTF2]


It is interesting that Kenner gave a character - who had been written up as a pacifist (and much of his race) in the novels - a DOUBLE-BARRELED LASER CANNON. Of course, this just goes along with Kenner's bigger (more muscular figures) and more-guns policy when they restarted the line.

Other than the inclusion of an out-of-place accessory this Hammerhead is so much closer to what the character looked like that it isn't even funny. The head's an improvement, the hands, the feet, and the clothes no longer resemble the garishness that is known as clothes on the vintage line of Cantina aliens (have you seen Greedo and Snaggletooth?). We also see that with this wave the back now has a checklist - which becomes outdated in about a month.

Five reasons to own this figure:

1. Biggest gun to date in this line.

2. Hammerhead - who didn't have fond memories of this figure just because of the head?

3. Better clothes! No longer will it look like he is wearing Underoos!

4. Actually more alien looking than most of the figures you can get, especially these first ones.

5. The long-awaited Skyhopper is pictured on the back! You know, the one you got about 5 seconds glimpse of in Luke's house? What, you don't know what I'm talking about? What kind of fan are you!


Momaw Nadon was a high priest on his homeworld, but was exiled for revealing agricultural technology to the Empire (so they wouldn't bombard his planet). he spent most of this exile on Tatooine. For his full story click here.

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